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The Chelicopter ©

I had an idea,

and, before I could write down more

than the bare title, the idea had flown –

just like the Red Admiral

that had recently landed

upon my fence, and had soon departed to rejoin his ship –

now, I’m sure that, if left alone,

my idea might return

from whence it has flown.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The butterfly did flee,

it seems he was afraid of me

he flew so fast, I barely saw him go

and where he goes I do not know.

An admiral from the Russian Navy

once stopped a while and spoke with me,

“Do you prefer the butterfly, or the flea?”

I told him it was all the same to me,

whether it be,

the flutter of a butterfly

the braying of a flea,

or the saying that,

‘whatever a bee will be… will be.’

The admiral smiled,

and looked at me,

handed me his cap

in humility,

and now, I am the ruler of the Tsar’s navy!