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Observing the rat in the garden

He comes

and goes,

wiggles his nose,

wags it’s tail,

and doesn’t seem to mind

the barking of the dogs,

who are securely in the house;

and it’s definitely a rat,

because it’s not a mouse,

unless it’s a a crossbreed –

a rouse!

“Welease, Wodewick!” (or ‘Wodewina!’)

From a cardboard box to freedom!

From a cardboard box to freedom!

We travelled the four or five miles necessary into the New Forest before we considered where we would welease W. Then we travelled a few more as we didn’t want to upset the picnickers in our first choice spot. We eventually (3 mins later) found the ideal place and W was soon to be seen (then not seen) in a wood-stack (if it ‘was’ a girl rat, we may have chosen this moment to rechristened her Joni Mitchell Rat – but, we didn’t) “Bythe time we got to Woodstack…”

Anyway, we have released W and mission Welease Wat was successful.

We we hope that the new home is acceptable; and have put in place. Mechanism for forwarding mail.

Enjoy your Sunday adventures, as we have enjoyed ours G & J 🙂

PS just have to explain to Rosie-Cat where W went to (but, not the exact location, obviously)