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Lockdown Rap – #PureNonsense

Lockdown shockdown

Breakdown shakedown

Fake crown – hat!

Lookdown shookdown

Makefrown takedown

Wakedown – cat!

Boreddown nowfrown

lookdown sockdown

clowndown – that!

(Don’t Fear) The Rapper – a Haiku.

(Don’t Fear) The Rapper – a Haiku.

Don’t fear the rapper;

his rhythm and poetry

are par for the course.

”Truth” (for #NPD)

“Truth” (for #NPD)

(NB best to ‘rap’ this one- G:))

I never lie

and that’s the truth;

and if you catch me in a fib

well, I’m gonna need proof

that it wasn’t just a tale from my writing nib;

and if I get away with it,

it’s because I’m glib.