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Going in search of the rainbow at the end of the pot of gold

I look out

through my grimy window,

and see the rain

falling in clumps,

slowly diminishing,

and about to leave.

There is a hint of Sun

in the offing,

and so I head out.

I seek a viewpoint

from where to begin

my search;

and, as if by magic,

a ‘bow appears.

The race is afoot!









Well, that’s the sort of Rainbow

that I can relate to.

Anne Rainbow: No Show

Her name was on the list,

an attendee not to be missed;

but, she never took her seat,

never got to eat

with the big boys:

the Glorious Sun;

the dark, brooding clouds;

the persistent breeze,

who shook awake the trees;

the falling down, getting up again, rain.

No, my Rainbow, she never came.

And I know she had a beautiful dress

to wear for the occasion –

although she’d worn it before –

I longed to see it just once more.

“Where is my Rainbow?”

We went out walking,

and we got wet;

then, the Sun came out,

and, yet…

I had to cry out

(It was almost a shout,

into the sky)

‘Where is my Rainbow?”

It wasn’t there…


Dec. 8th – Rainbow’s Ends – #PoemForADayDecember

The rain had been,

and was on its way back,

the Sun shone briefly, somewhere,

and a Rainbow was birthed.

And I could see ‘both’ ends,

one in a field to my left,

one in a field, ahead, and to the right;

they were both, in one turn of the head,

within my sight.

But, which to chase,

and would there be gold to find,

the possibilities traversed my mind;

and, at that moment,

the Sun lost its view,

and the rain blew into my face,

and washed the rainbow away.

I stood there speechless,

there was nothing left,

to say.

There was rain, then sun.

There was rain,

then sun,

but, rainbows, none.

I wrote a little poem about it,

this is the one.

Just the other dydh, I saw a Kammneves in the sky

Just the other dydh ,

I saw a Kammneves in the sky,

after the glaw,

and when the howl was passing by.

Rudh, rudh-velyn, velyn, gwyrdh, glas,

and then the Cornish words

for Indigo and Violet

which I have not yet learnt.

It was a teg Kammneves.

We sat in the café

We sat in the café

and watched the rainbow guy;

when the rain had gone

the sun shone,

and we were warmed inside.

An Acrostic Poem – Rainbow

An Acrostic Poem – Rainbow

Rain fell,

And all around was dull;

I watched from my window,

Needing the Sun to break through.

Before long, there was a ray of golden light;

Over the land the mood changed;

We all looked up, gave thanks, and waited patiently for the Rainbow.

Where is My Rainbow?

Where Is My Rainbow?

I can see the sun shining,

I feel the raindrops;

so where is my rainbow?


I look about,

doubt in my heart

that one will be there;

when there should be one there.

Where is my rainbow?


Or am I just imagining

that when two facts collide

a resulting phenomenon

should be to my side?

Where is my rainbow?


Oh, where?

For it isn’t there.