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An Kamneves ha Deves

An kamneves

ha deves:

A rainbow

and sheep,

nothing deep,

nothing too serious,

just a view

to capture me

as I hope

it would capture you.

Red, Orange, and Yellow – A Rainbow?

In certain lights,

at certain times of the day,

you can see a Roy Rainbow –

just the Red, Orange, and Yellow.

It is a funny fellow(

unlike the ones we expect,

with just those three selec—

ted colours

in the Red spec—


The Rainbow (not the one by D.H. Lawrence)

The rainbow came,

stayed for a little while –

and then it went.


I know not where,

perhaps to Kent;

or somewhere else,

maybe Ghent, in Belgium –

you know the one


The rainbow came,

the rainbow went,

It’s colourful presence

soon was spent;


but I,

I took a picture

and so I, alone, have

almost, but not quite,

captured the rainbow.

I saw a rainbow in the sky

I saw a rainbow in the sky,

someone had put it there,

I don’t know why;

I don’t know who,

I don’t know why,

they must’ve had a reason,

perhaps it is the rainbow season.

A partial Rainbow – take 2

Seven stripes has a Rainbow,

that form a colourful hue;

but what would I think,

would I turn to drink,

if a Rainbow only had two?

A partial Rainbow

I am really quite partial to a rainbow,

betwixt the sun and the rain;

and if I should happen to see one,

that will help to keep me happy,

until I see one again.

A tiny bit of rainbow

A tiny bit of rainbow

there before my eyes;

after the rain,

with a little Sun,

I see a partial rainbow rise.

The colours not so vibrant,

flickering in doubt,

as to whether the Sun had started

before the rain had fizzled out.

Going in search of the rainbow at the end of the pot of gold

I look out

through my grimy window,

and see the rain

falling in clumps,

slowly diminishing,

and about to leave.

There is a hint of Sun

in the offing,

and so I head out.

I seek a viewpoint

from where to begin

my search;

and, as if by magic,

a ‘bow appears.

The race is afoot!









Well, that’s the sort of Rainbow

that I can relate to.

Anne Rainbow: No Show

Her name was on the list,

an attendee not to be missed;

but, she never took her seat,

never got to eat

with the big boys:

the Glorious Sun;

the dark, brooding clouds;

the persistent breeze,

who shook awake the trees;

the falling down, getting up again, rain.

No, my Rainbow, she never came.

And I know she had a beautiful dress

to wear for the occasion –

although she’d worn it before –

I longed to see it just once more.