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The Rainbow on the Edge of Time

The Rainbow on the Edge of Time

The Rainbow on the edge of time

existed for barely a minute;

then, it left with out a thought to my rhyme,

and the words that I should put in it.


The Weather – a song.

The Weather – a song.

Let me take a bow

to the rain

and how it falls upon me.

And how that I can get

absolutely soaking wet

which is never quite beyond me.

I was standing in the sun

it shone on everyone

but, especially, on me.

And then I saw the bow,

took a picture so I’d know

that the Sun had even been…

here, with me.

So, now I’m drying off

I sniffle and I cough,

a sneeze is soon forthcoming,

Because, I went out in the Sun

and came home in the rain,

that upon my head was drumming.



See the two Rainbows here

There was a Rainbow

in the sky

just hanging about

not passing by;

seems it was waiting for another.

There were two Rainbows in the sky

just hanging about

not passing by;

until they faded

one by one

all their waitings

finally done.

Richard Of York

probably saw Rainbows

in the reign;

but, never knew why

we say

that Richard Of York

Gave Battle In Vain.

As I Travelled, The Day Unravelled


This morning the sun was a blood orange in the sky
I regarded it with many thoughts
As I passed by
And before me were a sheave of heavy grey clouds topped up with rain
And some began shedding their droplets upon the lands below
And there…
A rainbow.