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Sheltering under a tree,

the three doggoes and me,

trying to remain dry,

as the rain falls from high.


Failing in this task,

in pale rainlight we bask,

spirits dampened just a tad;

I ignored the signs,

and, so, my bad.

Street Par-tay!

What a lovely day

for a street par-tay,

celebrating seventy years of rain.

Where is the rain that they promised?

Where is the rain that they promised?

The Sun is now shining on me;

I wanted to get wet to the skin,

like the fishes that swim in the sea.

“Where is my Rainbow?”

We went out walking,

and we got wet;

then, the Sun came out,

and, yet…

I had to cry out

(It was almost a shout,

into the sky)

‘Where is my Rainbow?”

It wasn’t there…


It’s Rainsoon Season

Who likes to watch the rain cascade

for day upon days upon weeks?

Who is there out there

that a hint of Sunshine seeks?

I’ve been out today,

and what can I say?

Apart from, ‘Do we have enough dry towels?’

Dec. 8th – Rainbow’s Ends – #PoemForADayDecember

The rain had been,

and was on its way back,

the Sun shone briefly, somewhere,

and a Rainbow was birthed.

And I could see ‘both’ ends,

one in a field to my left,

one in a field, ahead, and to the right;

they were both, in one turn of the head,

within my sight.

But, which to chase,

and would there be gold to find,

the possibilities traversed my mind;

and, at that moment,

the Sun lost its view,

and the rain blew into my face,

and washed the rainbow away.

I stood there speechless,

there was nothing left,

to say.

Dec. 5th – Cold Colder & Wet Wetter #PoemForADay

I sometimes wish

that Cold & Wet

had never met;

but, they did,

and still often keep in touch.

Cold is okay,

has things to say,

but you can deal with

Cold in a sensible way.

Wet is a nightmare,

gets inside your brain

before it all washes away

and flows off down the drain.

If you’d met Dry & Warm,

their cousins,

you’d like them much better;

but, here, shivering, and moist, on the brink,

it’s of Cold Colder & Wet Wetter

I am tending to think.

There was rain, then sun.

There was rain,

then sun,

but, rainbows, none.

I wrote a little poem about it,

this is the one.

“Rain is a four-letter word.”

“Rain is a four-letter word.”

I say that,

firstly, because it is,

but, secondly (and most importantly)

because I (and the doggoes)

were drenched this morning,

whilst upon our walk.

Soggy doggoes,

and a very damp me,

were not how

we wanted to be.

But, we have returned home,

and dried off,

as best we can –

now we are

two warming-up doggoes,

and a less soaking man.

It’s a lovely day – a song.

It’s a lovely day

It’s a lovely day

for someone

but not me;

it’s raining on my head

and blowing a hooley;

I’m sure that I can see

that it’s a lovely day

for someone

but not me.

It’s a lovely day


but not here;

It’s hailstorms, rain, and thunder

causing fear;

and I’m hearing in my ear,

that it’s a lovely day


but not here.