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“Rain is a four-letter word.”

“Rain is a four-letter word.”

I say that,

firstly, because it is,

but, secondly (and most importantly)

because I (and the doggoes)

were drenched this morning,

whilst upon our walk.

Soggy doggoes,

and a very damp me,

were not how

we wanted to be.

But, we have returned home,

and dried off,

as best we can –

now we are

two warming-up doggoes,

and a less soaking man.

It’s a lovely day – a song.

It’s a lovely day

It’s a lovely day

for someone

but not me;

it’s raining on my head

and blowing a hooley;

I’m sure that I can see

that it’s a lovely day

for someone

but not me.

It’s a lovely day


but not here;

It’s hailstorms, rain, and thunder

causing fear;

and I’m hearing in my ear,

that it’s a lovely day


but not here.


The lights went out,

as we left Cornwall,

never to be lit again,

unless we returned to the land

of Cornish rain.

We sat in the café

We sat in the café

and watched the rainbow guy;

when the rain had gone

the sun shone,

and we were warmed inside.

Let’s go for a walk.

As much as we’d like to…

As much as we could…

As it’s raining so much,

I don’t think that we should.

Storm Dennis Limerick

There was a big storm they named Dennis,

Which made it quite hard to play tennis:

When blowing a gale,

With wind, rain and hail,

it resembled a street walk in Venice.

Out in the weather

I was out in all the weathers the other day, and this is the poem I wrote whilst the rain seeped into my head, and the cold infiltrated my body, blowing the cobwebs away.

My ears are cold,

my body old,

but, my heart is bold.

My limbs no longer tend to fold,

and my grip, on reality, has less of a hold;

my mind has veins

of purest gold;

but my groin… has mould,

which can be fatal,

or so I’m told.

One wet foot

One wet foot

One wet foot,

one dry one,

which one feels at home?

The Rain Fell

The Rain Fell

The rain fell

from sky

to leaf

to me,

as I walked


the woods.

When the rains subside

When the rains subside

When the rains subside,

they beg to go outside,

and we catch the moment.

Swiftly we walk

along country lanes,

and inhale the freshness

that lays all about –

buried, as it is,

under fallen leaves and twigs.