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Seed Cake

Seed Cake

Not a popular choice these days;

but, when reading old novels,

or listening to old radio situation comedies,

the seed cake might be thought

to be making a comeback.

I’m not quite sure which seeds

a seed cake needs;

but I am probably not going to be

baking a cake anytime soon.

Keep those eyes and ears peeled

for any more mentions of the old seed cake.

Please let me know if you hear any – I would be mightily interested a bit.


Listening to the radio

Sat, still, listening intently

to the words and thoughts,

grabbing the odd idea,

or phrase, and running with it –

creating base metal out of gold.

On The Radio – Dec. 10th – #PoemForADayDecember

I listen

to the voices on the radio;

the actors bringing characters to life,

creating worlds that invite me in;

to places that I enter,

and wonder at;

with creatures that breathe fire,

and lands that are like no other;

until my time there is done,

and I return here,

until I return there once more.

All those comedy shows from long ago on the radio… – a song.

(Aka ‘I still hear your voice’)

I still hear your voice

on the radio,

though you died, in reality,

a long time ago,



Radio Thymes

Radio Thymes

A lone guitarist on the battlements of Edinburgh castle is playing the end section of Norwegian Wood – possibly upon the steam-powered bagpipes.


That was Norwegian Wood by that 1960s pop-combo The Beatles, from their 1967 long-playing album, Rubber Soul, side 1, track 2 written by George Lennon and Ringo McCartney.

… and now…

GRAMS strange noises and curious words randomly placed in the time and space available.

Meanwhile, on Radio Radford… @RadioRadford

Meanwhile, on Radio Radford… @RadioRadford

“Hi! I’m Miles, from Anywhere.”

“And what do you want from me? Directions?”

“No! I’m Miles Ashton, from Anywhere.com – I called earlier, and spoke to… an ‘Amanda Lifeboats?’ “

“Ah, yes; that was me – I conveniently, for the purposes of this sketch, seem to have forgotten.”

“That’s right! That’s exactly what is says here on my script.”


“Just there – below the ‘Amanda Lifeboats’ section.”

“Ah, yes, there it is. So, he continues, what can I do for you, Miles from Anywhere, on this cold and lonely highway, nowhere at all near a blue hotel in California, dreaming of a white Christmas?”

“Could you play ‘Star-Trekkin’ ‘ by The Firm – it’s for my cousin Jack, he’s a Cornish astronaut.”

“A Cornish astronaut? There’s no such thing!”

“That’s okay, Cousin Jack is imaginary, too.”

“Right? Oh, well; here ‘is’ ‘Star Trekkin’ ‘ by The Firm. And Miles…?


“It’s time for you to boldly go. Bye!”


Serious Poetry On The Radio

Serious Poetry On The Radio

I heard some serious poetry on the radio once; yes I was the one that heard the serious poetry; nobody else was listening; not to that station anyway; I was the sole listener, just me on my Tod, well I am a bit odd; I enjoyed the rhyme,

and, in time, will come back again after I have recovered from the mental pain of serious poetry.

Seriously! Serious poetry on the radio! It’s a big no no no no no no!

It won’t be found in most people’s book,

would you not give it a try, take a look, by, and bye!

Radio Real

Radio Real

Dee: I’m not sure what we should call it. I’ve thought of a few names: ‘The Smooth Sunday Show’, ‘The Soft Sunday Show’…

Jay: It’s not a range of toilet-rolls!

Dee: True. How about ‘The Sensuous Sunday Show’? Bit too exotic?

Jay: No, leave it to me, I have the ideal name.

ON AIR (the next Sunday)

GRAMS: Radio Reality Jingle

Dee: Hi, I’m Dee, and I’d like to welcome you to, ‘The Alliterative Sunday Show!’

Random Radio.


“Welcome to Random Radio – the station for all sorts of everything that reminds us of you!”

“And your presenters for this wonderful wonder of wonders are…”

“The inimitable Burt Bachabeyond and the luminous lump that is…”

“Moira Thisjame!”

“Giving you ‘Burt!’ “

“and Moira!”

“On ‘Random Radiooooooo!”

“And our first record of the day is the hundred metres hurdles (Ladies, obviously) which stands at… eighty-three point eight centimetres!”

“Marvellous, Burt! And, now, on with the show!”


“Let’s spin some vinyl – this is ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order.”

GRAMS ‘Blue Moon’ by The Marcels.

That Song (on the radio) #Radio

I heard that song on the radio;

you know,

the one that makes your legs move,

and lightens your mood,

creates a smile,

The moment you hear

those opening chords,

that riff,

the almost remembered words in the verse,

the chorus all too enthusiastically sung

only slightly out of tune…

…and gets you moving around the room

as if you had not a care in the world.

That song.

And then the song finishes

and you return



to your chores.