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April Won #NaPoWriMo

April started off slowly,

the others seemed so fast;

by the time they’d reached the bend,

April was running at last.


She took the time to warm up,

wore all the right gear for the track;

and that’s our little April,

the one in the lead at the back.


Slowly she made her progress

like a pilgrim who seeks for the truth,

but without the knowledge of age,

and with all the folly of youth.


By the ring of the bell she was level,

with crowd sounds in her ears she was moved;

her legs kept propelling her faster,

but would it be enough?

That was yet to be proved.


At the tape they stopped for a photo,

it was far too close to call;

who would the winner end up to be,

and who’d get to sing ‘Wonderwall’?


April won by the smallest of margins,

a tenth of a tenth of a second,

and she stood in the Gold medal position,

well deserved was what everyone reckoned.


April won, she had trained for so long

and gained reward in the race,

and Oasis was sung for her song,

she had such a huge smile on her face.

Going in search of the rainbow at the end of the pot of gold

I look out

through my grimy window,

and see the rain

falling in clumps,

slowly diminishing,

and about to leave.

There is a hint of Sun

in the offing,

and so I head out.

I seek a viewpoint

from where to begin

my search;

and, as if by magic,

a ‘bow appears.

The race is afoot!

The Race

The Race

People like you.

No, really, people like you…

are hard to fathom.

six feet.



And different;

not the same;


more unique (if there was such a state of being);

one in a million (or seven and a half billion and counting)

amounting to all that you are.

A star…

ting pistol goes off and we watch the human race

from afar,

or near,

depending upon the weather

and whether

we are here

or there.

Take care.