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Another ‘Never Say ‘Rabbit’ in a Boat’ Poem.

Never say it;

for who knows what may befall

the crew, passengers, and boat.

It may be hard to stay afloat

when your dog jumps ship,

when you let the ‘R-word’ slip,

and it answers to the call.

Negger say ‘Raggit on a Goat!’

You know you want to;

gut it shouldn’t gee done;

your goat nay sink,

cacksize into the drink;

and all gecause

you said ‘Raggit’

on a goat.

The ‘R’ Word

Never say the ‘R’ word*

when afloat, or upon a boat,

it might send your hungry mutt overboard;

though, if completely wet,

they can only get drier –

and they will still be adored,

at home, in front of the drying fire.


• = R*b*i*

‘Never say rabbit on a train’

Never say rabbit on a train –

I know, not a boat, a train;

because if you do (but you shouldn’t, so don’t);

but, if you do, who knows what will happen?

“Never say ‘Rabbi’ in a boat!”

“Never say ‘Rabbi’ in a boat!”

Owan: Never say ‘rabbi’ in a boat.

Duloe: Rabbi? It should be ‘rabbit’, never say ‘rabbit’ in a boat; though, saying that, saying ‘rabbit’ in a boat doesn’t make much sense either, but it makes more sense than ‘rabbi’.

Owan: Yes. But, what should I be saying in a boat?

Duloe: ‘Land ahoy! Raise anchor! Shiver me timbers!’

Owan: When was the last time you went on a boat? 1780?

Duloe: I come from a long line of seafarers – it says so on my family tree. My father went to sea at Newquay, as did his brother, and my mother, too. Until they got bored and gave it up.

Owan: Your parents were ‘surfers’ and they went in the sea at Newquay to surf – with a surf ‘board’.

Duloe: How do you know all this stuff?

Owan: Because we are brothers.

Duloe: Oh. Did your parents also go to sea, then?

Owan: RABBI!!!!!

Their dog then proceeded to jump overboard.

Both: Oops!

Never Say ‘Ribbit’ in a Boat

Never Say ‘Ribbit’ in a Boat

There is an old Cornish saying,

that I once heard an old Cornishman saying, and it is:

‘Never say ‘Ribbit’ in a boat;

or ‘Rabbit’ or ‘Robot’. ‘


Well, I know not;

but, I think it’s because

it’s a bad habit to have

and it will inhibit

those others

who inhabit

the boat in question –

perhaps it affects their digestion.

Hold on, my memory jogs…

… was it something to do with dogs?