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In the quiet of a Sunday morning

In the quiet of a Sunday morning

Silently, I set the fire aglow;

catch up on the washing-up;

fetch a brew for my beloved

(who still sleeps);

and pander to the dogs’ needs

(Rosie the cat has already had her ears scratched).

The chill air gains a hint of warmth,

and all seems calm.

Soon, there are walks to be taken,

and pottering to be done;

but, that is soon,

not now;

and for this minute

I breathe in

and my heart is content.

A Paltry Day

A Paltry Day

Yesterday was easy,

two poems that nearly wrote themselves;

today is another kettle of fish entirely,

the muse hasn’t struck

(or maybe it is on strike)

and I am out of luck –

not a state I like,

being without an idea to work upon,

the next one queueing

for when the last one’s gone,

a line of ideas

aligned with my need,

oh, this is a day of scarcity,

a paltry day indeed.

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The Day, Today.

The Day, Today.

The radio is talking

to itself;

the outside world seems to be on ‘mute’;

I pass from one realm to another.

A bird calls, is answered, responds accordingly.

Clouds scud across the sky, lazily following their heart’s desires.

The wind has gone AWOL;

but, will be back when its batteries are recharged.

The sun shines down weakly upon those seeking warmth – but, they remain chilled, only their minds are warmed.

I pass amongst the inhabitants of the Earth

and watch as they process their lives

in many valid ways.



I heard echoes of kettles
Boiling in a kitchen
None were.
I poured cold water
Upon the teabag of my dreams
And silently the tepid brew
I poured away life-giving liquid
And started again
For echoes.