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In the queue (I was not)


I saw you in the queue;
In fact I saw two of you –
How strange!

You were second in the queue;
And you were also fourth in the queue –
How strange!

After the one in front of you
You would be next –
But, you would look strange
If you were at the start of the queue –

And if a Uqueue had three of you
I don’t really know what I would do
But, thinking about it
I wasn’t in the queue.

Was e?

“You are *Forty-Seventh* in the queue -please hold.”


Are you buffering?
Waiting, suffering?
Are you always holding on the line?
Frequently call-waiting,
Hesitating (leading to over-heating)
Or, forever using that call-back thing?

It’s all just a delay
To getting things done
A diversion sign at the roundabout
A dead black fly in your Chardonnay;
A rocket flight to the Moon
Via the heart of the Sun
The worst choices you take
Without a doubt

But, when all the queuing is
Behind you
And your turn is next
Then it’s time for fun
Time to sing and shout

The Moral of this tale:
Don’t be vexed;
You’ll soon be