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Do we get old before we look old,

or look old before we get old?

I have just asked myself this.

But, it’s too early in the morning

for sensible debate,

so, the answer is…

another cup of coffee.

Best answer for many questions.

I am the most interesting person (in the room)


am the most interesting person

in this room;

and, yet, I am still lonely.



A white cat in the snow,

or a black cat in a coal cellar?

A cat of nine lives

or a cat of nine tails?

A cat on a hot tin roof

or a cat not on a hot tin roof?

Cool for cats

or warm for cats?

Everyone wants to be a cat

or a cat wants to be everyone?


What on Earth

is all the above about?



Cat’s all folks!

What goes well with half a pint of poetry?

Well, I say

(or write),

questions have this way

of putting you on the spot.

Not that I ask questions a lot,

do I?

But answers are another thing entirely.

Ask a question and see what you get:

ask an answer…

Yet, I do try my best,

to invest

my life

with the occasional Q&A.

What more need I say?

Answer: on a postcard to me, here.

Thank you for watching – did you enjoy the show?

I saw a rainbow in the sky

I saw a rainbow in the sky,

someone had put it there,

I don’t know why;

I don’t know who,

I don’t know why,

they must’ve had a reason,

perhaps it is the rainbow season.

What is a book?

I asked myself, ‘Graeme, What is a book?’

I found a dictionary, took a look,

and under ‘b’ there were a plethora of words:

butterflies, broomsticks, bees, and birds,

and so on;

looking carefully, I found the word, ‘book’,

and in great detail it explained to me:

‘A book is more than life, you see;

without a book, what could you read?’

And, on this point, I most heartily agreed.

‘A book is stories old and new,

some made up, some almost true;

a book is there to make you think,

you read a book, and then you blink,

in wonder’s wide and amazements hue,

in such disbelief, and often fear.’

‘What is a book? I asked myself.

I picked up another book,

to took a look.

¿Partly Animal?

What am I?

Partly animal,

mostly something else;

who am I to say

what I am?

Too many questions

for a Sunday morning?

How many – what percentage –

questions are rhetorical?

was that one?

Do you have to answer that?

Do you care?

Is this poetry?

Would I dare?

Are there rhymes?

Is it written in any recognisable poetic form?

Is there a discernible rhythm?

Does it use assonance and dissonance

in the correct quantities?

Does it avoid the mention of Quantum Physics?

Then it probably is a poem?

Did that last line have an unnecessary question mark at the end.

¿Did that last line have a missing question mark?

¿Was that last line written in Spanish?


How much of the above is wrong?

Has this gone on Forfar too long?

Everything under the Sun

Everything under the sun,

must mean everything;

but, what about when the Sun goes off to bed?

Everything under the Moon?

But, the Moon isn’t always there

when the Sun is off getting some shut-eye

So, when the Sun and the Moon

are off wherever they go to at night,

is there anything left?

“Where were you…?”

“Where were you

when the lights went out?

I’ve written that before

without a doubt;

but, you never told me

When I asked you then,

and that is why

I’ve asked you again.”

Man Goes … (a song)

Vox: There are more songs about questions than there are songs about answers. For example: How deep is your love? Where is the love? Is this love? What’s love got to do with it? Why am I in love with a German Film Star (I once saw in a film)?

And the answers to those question songs: Baker Street; Our House; Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight); Sweet Home Alabama; and Wild Thing, or the like.

Anyway, here is a question song for you.


Man goes in a fruit shop …


… what does he do then?