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Is it just me?

Is it just me?

Or is the world completely fruit loops?

“Why isn’t ‘Sea’ spelled with a C?”

“Why isn’t ‘Sea’ spelled with a C?”

Why isn’t ‘Sea’

spelled with a ‘C’?

If it was up to me

then it would be.

Where is My Rainbow?

Where Is My Rainbow?

I can see the sun shining,

I feel the raindrops;

so where is my rainbow?


I look about,

doubt in my heart

that one will be there;

when there should be one there.

Where is my rainbow?


Or am I just imagining

that when two facts collide

a resulting phenomenon

should be to my side?

Where is my rainbow?


Oh, where?

For it isn’t there.



I look at the twenty-fifth letter of the Alphabet
And ask the question: why?

I look at the busy market square
Trying to find Waldo
And the question is: where?

I look at the glass filling up
And the question is: when?

I look at the physician
And the question is: who?

I look at the power output level indicator
And the question is: what?

I look at myself
And the question is: where is the sallow youth of fifteen?

The Question?

Click here to see why I wrote this – probably best to do so ‘after’ you have read what I have written.

The Question?

Radio 4
After copious amounts of coffee
From a well-used C***a travel mug
(Refillable, reusable, invaluable)

Where my mind is primed to be a creative sponge
And input = output
And output = weird ideas
Of a lateral nature
Add collateral
And more
And some (and sum)
The idea floodgates
Open wide and recording of said ideas takes place.
You see a lot of the results
Upon my WordPress blog.

The question: What inspires you?

I have other sources of inspiration – and they are wide and varied – but, my caffeine-induced ‘splurge of stuff’ is a hectic roller-coaster of a ride. It creates things that would never be otherwise.


idea taken from a thoughtful and delightful post to be found here: