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A minute’s silliness for the queen

For what might have not

and what might have been

I give you a minute’s silliness

for the Queen.


Corgis to the left of her

Corgis to the right,

Corgis in the morning

all day and all of the night.


She rained for seventy days,

and a few odd years,

and, eventually, the son came out –

though that eventuality was long in doubt.


Now she has gone

to take a rest

her crowning glory,

she passed the test,


and the rest is history,

and the rest is silence,

one minute for us,

an eternity for her majesty.


Not that silly,

she had a serious side,

but with a sense of humour

she ruled with pride.


God rest you ma’am.

Chuck to Liz

Chuck to Liz

Merry Christmas, Mummy dear,

may your pressies all be


and your Queenish speech

be out of reach,

with no unoccasioned blooper.



I burnt the bread this morning,

ending up eating toast;

then I toasted the queen

with the grill I loves the most;

she turned a golden-brown,

and I knew that she was done,

spread on top some margarine,

and a tablespoon full of hun-


April the Sixth – ‘The Show’ by Graeme Sandford


On with the show
It must go on
The post it must get through
Determined we are to see it happen
On, on and thrice on!

All this enthusiasm tends
To leave me weak at the ends of the day
I’d like to say it was worth it all
But, it is, so I will, I shall
Proclaim it to the four walls,
One ceiling, one floor –
One cat, who (having thought about my words)
Is resident upon my lap no more).

The show’s the thing
Wherein I catch the imagination
Of the king – hold on…
We haven’t got a king
We’ve got a queen…
And it was Queen who sang to us that
‘The show must go on!’

So on it must go!