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An important letter arrived in the past, today.

Without this letter

there would be no quiet,

no quicksand,

no Don Quixote,

and no Queensland;

we would have Kwavers,

and Kwizzes,

and Kwesadlllas,

Kwick brown foxes,

and Shakespeare giving us a BanKwo Kwote;

(what ever else could he have wrote)

if it were not for that letter,

the letter Q,

I just don’t know

quite what we’d do.

Mind your Ps and Qs

Mind your Ps and Qs.

I stood at the end of the Q


to pot the black

or be served.

A letter of importance?


A shy letter?


A letter that has an element of mystery?


The lead letter of certain types of writer?


I stood


at the beginning of a Q

waiting for a P.