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‘I have to keep her in’,

said the innkeeper,

‘it’s what I do,

it’s how I got my name.’


Never before

have I written a poem

with the title, ‘Cherish’,

neither have I written

upon that subject.

Until today,

when I wrote this,

whilst sat upon something

that could be said to be


The Greek Man in the Rain

The Greek Man

stood out in the rain;

and the rain poured and poured

down upon his head,

and into his brain;

his clothing became soaked

from the unstoppable shower,

he stood there taking all of this unkind element

for over an hour.

Suddenly, the rain stopped;

but, all around

it was as dry as a bone!

The saturated Greek man stood there,

then his mobile rang,

and he answered his phone,

“Hello, Absorber the Greek?”

This Mexican Song

This is a Mexican song, allegedly about two brothers, both firemen in La Fiuerro del Servicio de Mechico Nationale (the Mexican National Fire Service); twins they were, and no one could tell them apart – sometimes they even confused themselves as to whom was whom.

One brother, we shall call him José, was the oldest by a matter of minutes, the other… Joseby was the younger by a similar amount of minutes.

I give you ‘Chihuahua!’

String Poetry Theory

String Poetry Theory

I am trying

the tying

of words


stringing one phrase

to another;

and what have I got?

A String Poem?

I’m afraid not.



They couldn’t have built the pyramids

without the slaves;

… couldn’t have made the oceans

without the waves;

… couldn’t have made sweet, sweet music

without the staves;

… couldn’t have coped with reviews

without the raves;

… couldn’t have painted a full-length portrait

without the accompanying architecture,

portico, columns and architraves;

and they couldn’t have done that,

if they hadn’t at least attempted the feet.

Isabella – a song.

Isabella – a song.


1st verse




necessary on a bike.

2nd verse

Not necessara

Not necessara

Not necessarily;

you can have a parpy horn,

if you like

NB the song could stop after the first verse, or the second verse could be distanced by some time from the first, or it could be sung all in one go. Choices!

Lost: Fish

Lost: Fish

I lost my fish in the ocean,

I couldn’t find it anywhere;

and then I had a notion:

I would scan all the fish

when they swam past,

until, at last, I would find my fish –

and I know I would,

as I had had him chipped.

Friday Morning Deliberations.

Friday Morning Deliberations.

Should I invest in a vest?

Or should I just give it a rest?

When all is said and pun…

if I do purchase a vest

should I wear it facing West?

I ask you,

in the hope of a definitive answer – and to get the question

off my chest.


No? I thought as much;

such is the way of things,

and any thought that has wings

may just fly


You might have guessed.

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – ‘Lichen’

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – ‘Lichen’

Will: Shall I compare thee to a lump of moss…

Ben: Lichen!

Will: Okay, if you prefer, Ben. ‘Shall I ‘liken’ thee to a lump of moss.

Ben: ‘Sigh!’