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Friday Morning Deliberations.

Friday Morning Deliberations.

Should I invest in a vest?

Or should I just give it a rest?

When all is said and pun…

if I do purchase a vest

should I wear it facing West?

I ask you,

in the hope of a definitive answer – and to get the question

off my chest.


No? I thought as much;

such is the way of things,

and any thought that has wings

may just fly


You might have guessed.


Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – ‘Lichen’

Will & Ben: Renaissance Men – ‘Lichen’

Will: Shall I compare thee to a lump of moss…

Ben: Lichen!

Will: Okay, if you prefer, Ben. ‘Shall I ‘liken’ thee to a lump of moss.

Ben: ‘Sigh!’

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”

“We’re going on a Camembert Hunt!”


“It’s a type of cheese”

“You don’t say.”

“I do say.”

“It’s just s play on words.”


“And it’s ever so cheesy.”





At the centre of the Universe

there is a tiny little thing

called ‘hub’.

This thing, called ‘hub’

I just can’t get enough

information about it.

If you have any knowledge

you could loan me

I would be only too happy to receive it.

Thank you

in anticipation.




When I grew up I wanted to be a Pundertaker.

Or a Pundamentalist.

Maybe a Punderwriter

or a Man from P.U.N.C.L.E.

“One Pun Too Few?”

“One Pun Too Few?”

“We live in the “Duchy”not the “Ducky’” i said.

But, he was still chortling over “The Duckys!” comment that he had overused to the point of distraction.

That’s the thing about Grae, he never quite knows when a joke has gone past it’s ‘Best by…’ date. And ‘Use before…’ also, makes little sense to him.

No wonder he is often greeted by the blank stares of incomprehension, and then had to climb up them, reaching the very top, only to find, that at the bottom of the stares had been the place to stop.

And on with the next pun, please.

“Man goes, in a fruit shop….”

The Sheep Who Swear

The sheep who swear

Sheep talk

when they walk

when they stand still

when upon the side of a hill

When in a field

and they yield

some colourful language.


We have to bleep

the sheep

who keep

doing this

as it upsets the tourists.

We tried to clean their dirty mouths

and curb their cursing ways…

but, when we hired a sheep whisperer

he failed to stop their swearing

and he cost us a lot of pence

in a sense

we were fleeced.