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Across the lake

Across the lake

was the Lake House –

my home –

but, could I reach it

before I blurred out of existence


The answer, no.

So, discreetly,

I chose to just fade

and go.

Pea TV Poetry Prompt – on the rollercoaster. #Senryu

“I wanna get off:

my lunch is threatening ‘out’,

and I have to peeeeeeeeeeee!”

Give me a prompt

Give me a prompt,

or a subject to write to,

and I’ll write you a poem –

or, at least, I will try to;

I might not succeed

in penning a classic;

but, I’ll give it my best

‘Park & Ride’

to the island Jurassic –

whatever that means.

Prompt: One of Your Own.

It was easy for Emperor Caligula to send the young Christians off to the arena to be mauled by lions, tigers, bears, or the like; but, when the herald called out the name of his adopted son, Tiberius Gemellus, Caligula held aloft his hand to stop the young lad being sent into the arena. ‘A mistake, my emperor.’ spake the herald, who was not long for this world, ‘But, just because he is one of your own, why does that make it any less barbaric to send him to a cruel death?’

Caligula motioned to his guards to haul the herald off to the arena, where he followed in the footsteps of Nymphidius Sabinus, one of Caligula’s disputed children.

Today’s Ask is Today’s Task?

Today’s Ask is Today’s Task?

What? Am I to write today?

Shall it be from a moment in my travels?

Or will it be from a kindly-offered prompt?

Poetry? Dialogue? A Short Story? A N Other?

Will it be funny?

Or shall I eschew the humour?

Who knows?

I await Notification from above, or around.


#Letters 4

#Letters 4

I don’t have letters after my name,

nor bailiffs after my goods and chattels;

I am solely to blame

for any skirmishes and battles

that I have entered into

with the dubious intention

of staking my claim

to the wealth of a nation;

and I have ‘never’ liaised with the Devil;

though, to give him his due,

he has ‘never’ ‘ever’ asked me to.

I don’t receive many letters

with my name emblazoned

upon the envelope;

I live in hope,

not literally, but laterally,

and how long is a piece of rope?

What is there left when all soap is gone?

Why do rhetorical questions matter so little to me;

the former? The latter?

the letter of the law is unsure upon this point,

and, so, I anoint myself with the moisture of sweat,

or, better yet,

a lack of physical and mental debt.

We are ‘all’ living in a material world,

and I am a material;

well, maybe knot.

My D.I.G.N.I.T.Y.

becomes less ev’ry day.

PS Good Luck with the above.

#Salt 3 – My Recipe for Today

#Salt 3 – My Recipe for Today

I added salt

to the flour,

then all the other ingredients

that were required at that moment;

I mixed them all together

until they vaguely resembled bread-crumbs.

Then I realised

that I had not enough time

to write all

of the rest

of the method

in this rhyme.

I am now sure,


I shall have to leave you hungry

for more.

Prompt: Abacus #LWG

Prompt: Abacus #LWG – 10 Minute Writing Exercise

10-minute Exercise #2 – 04/12/2018

“So, if I push one along here that makes five. Then I have to push one of these along here to signify the five that I have, and push these five back here to the beginning.?”

“Yes. That is correct. You now have the basis for a far-reaching knowledge of Mathematics. When you become the 13th Emperor of the Ting Dynasty you shall be able to add to your wisdom and to the happiness of your subjects through being able to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers.”

“Is this all that I need? A knowledge of numbers?”

“You will also need to know how to treat your subjects. Be a benefactor and not a tyrant – bring prosperity to all and not just some.”

“And these people here who perform the part of a human abacus… are they not worthy too?”

“They are the subjects of our enemies – they have been treated kindly and given jobs. Some are Abacusians like these, others man the human table-football games; and yet others are models for our Terracota army.”

“Have we a need for an army?”

“It is a Terracotta one. It’s hardly going to be much use in a battle.”

“True. So what is the point of it?”

“We do have rather a lot of Terracotta that we didn’t know what to do with.”


“Indeed. So, let us get back to our sums, Little Master. We move one across here and that makes…?”

Prompt: Magnet #LWG 10-Minute Exercise 04/12/2018

Prompt: Magnet for 10-Minute Exercise #LWG

I felt a strange attraction pulling me towards the horse – even though I was not a horsey person. I needed to feed a handful of hay to the grey mare. And, there, was some hay just right for purpose.

The horse seemed to appreciate the hay and ate as much as I could offer.

There appeared a saddle, stirrups, a bit, reigns and bridle – in fact, all the things needed to allow one to ride a horse.

I, on the other hand, was now appropriately dressed in a pair of riding boots, jodhpurs, riding hat and jacket – well, bless my soul and calm me The Lone Ranger.

“Away!” I called and off we went.

Past 100-Acre Wood, all along, down along, our along Leigh, past the Old Jockey and Horse public house and off to the moor.

We seemed to Canter, Gallop and trot as if we were one being.

That was when I noticed that we had become a Centaur. All the paraphernalia of horse-riding had gone and there were just the four legs and upper torso of the previous incarnation.

Oops! Did this thing really happen?

I tapped one metal-clad hoof twice for ‘Yes!.

It’s not often that I am lost for words – but, hey!

I cantered on, now searching for a lady Centaur with whom I could share my horsey life.

Positive or negative, there was no way back now – the elemental forces of Nature were set on pulling me forward.

“Prompt!” #SocS @LindaGHill


See here for Linda’s rules and ting

I don’t know what the prompt is for today, so I’m just going to wing it and see how many words I can write in 10 minutes. Hopefully 1 of them will be the prompt word, or my post will have some connection with the prompt – I know, this is quite random; but, I have ever been a random person.

The sea may be a possibility. Did you see that poem there? Where? Right there on the stare – a little poem with words in; well, I declare, going te-dum, dum, dum, te-dum on the stare.

No, not the sea. I did say the Sea-Word yesterday ‘Sea’. -nobody seemed to mind or even thought it a bit contentious on my part.

So, I said it again ‘Sea!’ in an exclamatory way – nada.

So, I stopped saying it and still nobody cared – what an apathetic planet I live upon – do you?

Moving on, the past, present, or future maybe the prompt.

Or a sidewalk in Sinsinatti (which isn’t spelled (or spelt) like that unless it’s the place on Zarquon 5 which is spelled (or spelt) exactly like that.

Fish or Llamas, bears or goats, 10-pound notes, bananas, or fruit in a suit – not bananas in pyjamas, that’s just silly.

Oranges, still fruit, and walnuts, mangoes, pavements, hair, water and coffee, tea, liquids of a sort.

Maybe, a shoe, a shop, or a shoe-shop could be the prompt.

A play on words. Type / tipe / tripe or the like – as if?

Lastly, it may be that I have missed the prompt by a country mile and cows, sheeps and the obligatory stile are not quite right either.

Food of a desert nature (or desserts) wine* or the like.

*10 minutes ended here.


PS The prompt was ‘ma‘ – did I include it one of my words? I think that ‘Llamashas it!