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The Princess and the Pea

Now, I’m certainly no princess,

and my battery pack and lead

are not a pea;

but, apart from that…

So, just the one mattress,

a battery pack,

and a lead,

and I slept like a—

no, I didn’t,

I didn’t sleep at all,

and in the morning…

I couldn’t find my battery pack,

and I couldn’t find my lead,

and I couldn’t stop yawning –

strange times indeed.

The Pea and the Princess

The Pea and the Princess

The Princess and the Pea – The Pea’s Story.

The pea had always known it had a future, right from the day when it ‘popped’ from the pod.

Named Petunia (alliteration being a proud parent pea’s prerogative) she was destined to go down in history as ‘the’ pea in the phantastical phaerie story of ‘The Princess and the Pea’.

Her co-titleist being a princess (so many princesses in phaerie stories) was a small matter; Petunia was a small pea – but not a silent one.

This is her story.