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I say, did you hear about the Librarian who prayed for silence and then went deaf?

Be careful what you pray for.

The News Today from Ankara…


I lead a safe life

I have no fears that life will give me a four-second hand grenade today

I am lucky

Fortune of birth has placed me in a position of false reality

My reality is not yours

You may wake up to another day of hand-to-mouth existence; a trek to gain water that is murky with who knows what; a possible loss of friends, family, loved ones, who depended on you

They may lose you

I wake up every day and there is food in my cupboard and my realities of comfort are all around

But, as for you…

All things being equal – they are not – we would all share the good and the bad

We don’t

So, I say a little prayer for the world