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Poetry Face

See ‘dodgy’ picture here – lol – G:)

I, have a Poetry Voice;

I have to use it,

I have no choice.

I also have a Poetry Face,

I wear it now and again,

but it’s a bit of a disgrace.


2 Poetry Voices

Voice 1

As a poet…

I would just like to think

that that was how you saw me;

amongst all the other things that I am.

As a poet…

I perceive that my words,

Which are drawn screaming from me,

do have some little meaning to you.

As a poet…

I know that you shut down

When I have poetry “voice”

and you focus upon your navel.

As a poet…

I do hate the trite phrase

‘As a poet…’ it riles me,

and I do not see myself as one.

As me…

I write poetry,

for me;

but, you can read it,

if you like,

for free.

— / / —

Voice 2

I have

a poetry voice;

I have to use it

when reciting poetry,

I have no choice

in the matter.

It’s a cross betwixt

posh and received pronunciation –

not that I am at all posh,

or have ever been well received.

When I am


doing poetry,

you would hardly notice me;

but, when my poetry voice is on…

you have to pretend


to notice.

There is no cure;

but one:

I shall give up my poetry voice,

when my poeting days are done.