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A Contentious Acrostic .

A Contentious Acrostic





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Arrivederci and Benvenuto

Arrivederci and Benvenuto

Arrivederci and Benvenuto;

Cynthia and Dexter;

these are the names of my previous

and my present Wellie Boots.

If I should buy a new pair

what names will they take?

E and F, the Initial letters,

of course;

but, what will suit them?

Effie and Fright?

Ellie and Frankie (Eleanor and Franklin)?

Ebb and Flo?

Any ideas?

No rush, I shall continue with Cynthia and Dexter

until they to Wellie Heaven go.



Pietry is religious poetry

of a pious nature;

or poetry about Pi,

or pies –

or it isn’t a thing at all.

“The Moon In June”

“The Moon In June”

The Moon in June

is just like the Moon

in any other month,

apart from the rhyme,

of course.

The Moon In June

is just like the Hay in May,

or the Starch in March,

for example.

The Moon In June

is currently appearing in a

showing of Noël Coward’s ‘Present Laughter’

at the Aldwych Theatre


The Moon In June

will be back

all too soon.

Hidden Tanka?

Hidden Tanka?

In this paragraph there is a hidden Tanka; please do not poke it; if you do… you’ll regret it; it could change to a Tiger

Hidden Haiku?

Hidden Haiku?

There is a Haiku locked up inside this sentence – please don’t let it out.

Upon Cats

Upon Cats

The Cat That Didn’t Like Poetry

The cat

didn’t have a hat;

he knew that respectable cats

didn’t go with things like that.

Cat’s don’t need to be dressed like clowns;

and a cat in a hat has less ups than downs;

due to the fact that a rhyme in time

doesn’t save lives numbering nine

but, causes much vexation

at the poor cat’s situation

Never laugh at the feline friend

or he’ll get you in the end.