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Saturday Haiku #3

So, what is the plan?

Get out of that lazy bed

and paint the town green!

Saturday Haiku #2

It is the weekend!

And that begins Saturday,

and ends… all too soon.

Saturday Haiku #1

Saturday Haiku –

no different at all from…

… any other one.

It is Saturday (a Haiku)

It is Saturday –

and you all know what that means:

Saturday Haiku!

A Haiku Poem?

If I really was going to write a Haiku

I would stick to the Haiku rules;

but, as I’m not,

I shall just pop down a few lines

that don’t even rhyme.

How cool is that?

My floccinaucinihilipilification Haiku

This is my flocci-


fication Haiku.

A finite amount of something


in the way

she moves


An infinite amount of nothing

Shopping list lost

Somebody dropped their shopping list,

I think it will be sorely missed,

will they remember what they wrote

upon their little shopping note?

As all good folk must surely know

when hungry do not shopping go

and make a list to help you out,

they are most essential,

without a doubt.

L is for Limerick #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 4

There once was a boat made in Éire,

In the boatyard of a fine city, there;

a craft of two knots,

that was covered in spots,

like a slow boat with Chinese Malaria.