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Front-End Rhyming?

Front-End Rhyming?

Scoop of ice-cream;

swoop of crow;

sweep of chimney;

swipe of card;

wipe of eyes;

whip of walnut;

ship of fools;

shape of things to come;

shop of horrors;

chop of karate;

chip of block;

chap of style;

clap of thunder;

clop of hoof;

slap, slap, slap

of finality.


Picture This…

Picture This…

Picture this…

A magpie atop a skeletal tree;

calls a message that is far beyond me

and my ability to understand.

He, or she, then flies off;

of perching and calling

they’d had enough;

time, now, to travel on, upon airwaves so fine,

to visit a mate;

and under that moment

I draw a line.

Pasty Party

Pasty Party

They held a Pasty Party,

but nobody came;

the flyers said ‘Party Party,

which really isn’t the same.

Gyrate My Pasty

Gyrate My Pasty

Spin it round

like a record;

make it move in circular ways;

when it returns to the beginning

it can walk as if in a daze;

revolutions in ‘33, ‘45 or ‘78

overthrew the governance,

and now the pasty

must run to ketchup.



If each beach

was out of reach,

how would we walk upon the sands?



Eating toast

on the coast

is something you can do –

inland, you can eat toast, too.

Logistics Poem

Logistics Poem

Trying to place each word

in its apposite place

is an endeavour

of great pith and moment.

Sometimes my efforts

are rewarded by a gem;

more often than not,

it is a little one –

of the lettuce variety.