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I don’t read my poetry from a scrap of paper.

I don’t read my poems

from a scrap of paper;

and I just don’t possess

a cast-iron alibi,

or an old-boot scraper:

I was there at the time,

when this rhyme was writ;

but I took no efforts

and so my rhyme is rubbish.

I don’t read my words

from the back of a packet;

even though I know that

that is what some call style –

‘Style’, I lack it.

I read my poems

from off the top of my head;

and I’d keep that fact

under my hat,

if it wasn’t for the lack

of tact

that I attract,

or have.

I don’t read my poems,

just to get to the end,

sometimes, I stop in the midst of—

Poetry Buff

Poetry Buff

I’m no Poetry Buff,

I like my poetry rough,

ragged, torn at the edges,

found under hedges,

with all the sophistication

of an inoculation

against the plague;

with rhymes vague,

and metre lax,

give me a poem

that pays no tax

and I’ll be

a happy, poetical chappy.

A Haiku For Now

A Haiku For Now

Not for yesterday;

and it’s not for tomorrow;

it is just for now.

That is not to say

you can’t read it tomorrow;

because, yes, you can.

But not yesterday,

that would just be quite something

out of the normal.

So, this here haiku –

well, this series of haiku –

are of the moment;

and just don’t you forget it –

Tankas available, too.

Occasionally, I am a Poet.

Occasionally, I am a Poet.

Once in a while,

upon a blue moon,

every now.

and then…

I use my pen

to poet stuff

which is sometimes,

if not always,

a little rough,

around the edges;

using as my inspiration,

things found under hedges,

and laying, lying, in the road

less travelled;

which inspirational things,

once unravelled,

become the finest expression

of my poetic oven,

after the ingredients

are blessed by a coven

of witches;

but, what’s a purely poetical man to do,

when his words they seem

to barf at you.

If you can’t do the time…

If you can’t do the time…

If you can’t do the time…

then don’t do the rhyme.

Making up words

won’t, generally, win you awards;

but working towards,

half-rhymes, partial rhymes,

incomplete effete rhymes;

rhymes with attitude;

rhymes with a pun;

seriously straight rhymes,

rhymes for fun;

rhymes that don’t,

rhymes that won’t,

rhymes that are visual

but, as is their wont,

when spoken do not,

is an admirable past time—

and, now, I think that I can hear the person on the timer, cough;

so I think that maybe that’s been enoff.

My Vegan Poem

My Vegan Poem

My Vegan Poem

contains no owls

or cormorants;

but, it does contain vowels

and consonants –

it would look rather silly

with owls and cormorants in,

wouldn’t it?

My NPD Poem Effort

My NPD Poem Effort- ‘On National Poetry Day’

On National Poetry Day

I hope to be able

to read my best…


better than the rest…


that I wrote a while ago.

It needs a bit of work,

which I shall not shirk.

I know, that it will be difficult –

if not impossible –

to better the best;

but, I do believe

that the best can be bested;

at the least, I shall be tested – maybe arrested – probably not –

then, if I do get my my muse truly interested,

I can be sure that the time invested

in decomposing

then recomposing my rhyme

will be worth the effort.

But, you know me…