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Auditioning For The Post Of Poet

Auditioning For The Post Of Poet

“Hit me with your best poem – fire away!”

Well, what could I say?




Not a great start,

I have to admit;

but, soon I warmed up –

just a little bit.

“This is my best poem;

because it is short

and it is fun,

It is called ‘Recycle Poets’,

and I shall start upon the count of…


‘Recycle poets!

They’re biodegradable;

bury one and see.’

It’s a Haiku,

or a Senryu –

if you think it’s funny;

it cost me lots of thinking,

and has brought in little money.

I have other poems that are not quite as short;

less funny;

and with typos fraught;

they are mainly about gulls

and that sort of thing.

Okay, don’t call you,

you’ll call me…

but, if there is even the slightest possibility

of an opening

in your department

of mirth…

I would be ever so grateful

and it would mean the world –

or even the Earth.”




I wandered ,

meandered about aimlessly,

on my own,

by myself,

in the sky,

in my mind .

Then I wrote about it

in a Poetic sort of way;

writing down what I could not bring myself to say;

then, like a cloud,

I floated away.



I am a poet,

and I suffer from OCDVD

it’s not just me;

but, others, too,

must, at some time,

have been plagued

by the need for

an Orange County rhyme.

t a houseman (#24) presents… his poem: lay down your arms

lay down your arms!

lay down your legs!


a dog begs;

and is moved on by a policeman;

and a brisk busker basks

in the glory of a note.

(#14) t.a. houseman presents… his poem ‘my horse poem’

(#14) t.a. houseman presents… his poem ‘my horse poem’
i wrote a poem once…

about a horse –

it was lame…

the poem,

not the horse;

the horse was fine;

but the blame for the poem being lame, 

‘that’ was mine.

(#13) t.a. houseman presents… his poem ‘the sun and the moon’

(#13) t.a. houseman


his poem:

‘the sun and the moon’
“the sun shines brightly” said tess, “daily”.
“Yes, but the moon shines clearer” said Keira, “nightly”.

(#11) t.a. houseman presents… his poem ‘the second time we made love’

(#11) t.a. houseman


his poem:

‘the second time we made love’

after the embarrassment of the first time we made love
the second time
never happened