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Dec 7th – The Day Is Cold – #PoemForADayDecember

The day is cold,

inside is warm;

you wrap up well

to venture out;

the wind is chill,

the Sun is weak,

at least no rain

of which to speak.

You travel near,

or wander far,

stay close to home

where loved ones are,

return back there

when walk is done;

to warm the bones,

and take a care.

Dec. 6th – Walking. #PoemADayDecember

Walking, as I do,

along narrow country lanes,

I meet but a few,

people; dog-walkers,

horse-riders, pram-pushers,

field-workers, car-drivers (fleetingly),

ramblers, gamblers (sheep),

and nibblers (cows ‘and’ sheep),

not many of any,

and not all at once,

but spaced out,

on a natural high from the clean, fresh air

of a Sunday morning.