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About Fish!

About Fish!

They said

that I should read

a poem about


I wish, I wish

that I had ever written

a poem about a fish;

upon my dish

or swimming in the sea,

swimming up to me

telling tall tales

of Davy Jones’ Locker

and rare white whales.

So, where do I begin?

Sardines in a tin?


There is a difference between the two – if only we knew.

I think


when a salmon is in the pink

it should be left to do what salmon do;

swim the sea to Wollamaloo

or Timbuctu –

isn’t that what salmon do.

As you can see

I don’t know that much about fish

in the sea;

but, here’s the rub…


know even less

about me!


I am a Poetry Type.

I am a Poetry Type.

Haiku for Nature;

a Tanka for love poems;

Senryu, funny.

Limericks, also funny;

Sonnets are for love poems;

Pantoums and Villanelles weird.

“AgathaChristiethon, anybody?”



The Mysterious Affair at Styles

was the first

many followed

few bettered.

Today’s AgathaChristiethon

starts with A Pocketful Of Rye;

while the weather is appalling

It helps the day slip by.

Just another one of Robbie Yates’ ‘Finish this Poem’ challenges.

Just Another One Of Those Robbie Yates’ ‘Finish This Poem’ Challenges.

I really like exploring

A wander through the woods.

I love to be intrepid

I find adventure good.

I love to be in nature

My hobby’s climbing trees

The problem’s when you’re up there…

and you wobble in the breeze.

You see, climbing up is easy,

it’s climbing down that’s hard;

I get to the top

and there I stop,

my smile becomes a frown;

and the fire brigade are summoned,

a ladder they deploy,

and up there comes a fireman

to retrieve this naughty boy.

Twenty times a week I climb

and the fire brigade they come out,

they suggested that I stopped it

but I cannot, and I doubt

if I could

until I have climbed every tree

in this, my neighbourwood!

“Tomorrow, the Word!”

“Tomorrow, the Word!”

I write a poem weekly

I write a poem strong

I’ll write a poem shortly

In a while

Before too long

I’ll write a poem meekly

Like a mouse

Who’s not that brave

My poem may be written sleekly

Or too sickly for to save

I’ll write that poem dreckly

It’ll be done before you know

I I’ll write that poem tomorrow

For now it’s time to go.

Recycle Poets! (Revisited – now in Haiku or Tanka version).

“Recycle Poets!”

Haiku Version

Recycle poets!

They’re biodegradable –

bury one and see.


Tanka Version

“Recycle poets!

They’re biodegradable –

bury one and see.

And if that doesn’t stop them

Then probably nothing will!”

The Cinque Righe.

The Cinque Righe – Coffee.

I grind my own beans

which means

my coffee isn’t instant –

it takes a while

and makes me smile.


This is an Italian poetic form which Which the syllable structure for its five lines of 5,2,7,4,4. Usually they based upon food and drink – as is the Italian way.