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April The Seventeenth

April The Seventeenth

‘Twas the seventeenth day

of the month before May;

some say that it is called ‘April’.

The Sun was out

shining all about

as it does on a sunny day.

Where be the rain?

Where be the wind?

Where be the third thing in this list?

Anyway, it is much too nice a day

to be sat writing poems –

unless the twinkling of an idea beckons.


Ogden Nash’s ‘The Termite’

Ogden Nash’s ‘The Termite’

Ogden Nash’s ‘The Termite’ with audio

Some primal termite knocked on wood 
And tasted it, and found it good! 
And that is why your Cousin May 
Fell through the parlor floor today.

by Ogden Nash

Taken from PoemHunter.com

A Jackdaw With A Twig

A Jackdaw With A Twig.

Flying high

in the sky

the jackdaw looked very small

the twig smaller still.

When they flew close

I could see

that they were of a normal size

and the twig was only one of the many

that the jackdaw had brought

to try and make a nest;

as had the rest of the jackdaws.

They were queued up

waiting to take their long, thin twigs

within the eaves of the old mansion.

Some of the birds

and some of the twigs

did fit in –

though there were many discarded twigs scattered upon the floor,

after the jackdaws did decide

that the twigs were too wide.

Fleur de Lit Poetry Café’s ‘April Fool’s Free Poetry Competition’

Fleur de Lit Poetry Café’s

‘April Fool’s Free Poetry Competition’

A funny poem?

A humorous rhyme?


Just plain silly?

Send your original poem -and your contact details – by email to:


or post it to:

Poetry Competition 1




PL14 3LP

Rules: Free entry

Max no. of lines: 40.

Prize: Book Token to the value of £10

Closing date: 30th April at Midnight.

Winner to be advised by May 16th.

All decisions to be final – it’s all for fun.

NB If deemed suitably funny enough, may we possibly print your poem in a poetry Pamphlet? Yes 🔲 or No 🔲 please tick the appropriate box.

Letters #5

Letters #5

(I was supposed to write a poem about ‘Letters’.)

Green, salad-looking, fresh;

with leaves crisp and crunchy;

good friend to the tomato;

yearning for a dollop of Mayo

or Salad Cream,

maybe some light vinaigrette.

When your life’s course has run,

do you say,

Non, rien de rien, non, je ne regrette rien.

a la Edith Piaf?

St. Valentine’s Day Poem – #ABitLate

St. Valentine’s Day Poem #ABitLate

St. Valentine

you are dear to me;

your day is the fourteenth day

of February;

you speak of love,

with cards, choccie hearts, and beauteous flowers;

yet, when all those are gone

there are still lots of hours

upon your day…

when we can talk

and just hold hands –

because it’s special being with someone

who understands.

Tate My Pasty @RateMyPasty

Tate My Pasty @RateMyPasty

Upon a canvas

to behold

is a Cornish Pasty,

ancient, old;

full of promise

that never came.