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A Pain in the Occiput.

A Pain in the Occiput.

A Haiku in need

of a reader is a pain

in the occiput.


A Double Lune Poem

A Double Lune Poem

(5-3-5 / 5-3-5 syllables)

A Lune Poem is…

very short,

very short indeed.

In fact, it’s so short,

you need two,

to make a mouthful.

A Lune Poem (courtesy of Robbie Yates)

A Lune Poem (courtesy of Robbie Yates) and having 5-3-5 syllables)

A Lune Poem is…

very short,

very short indeed.



I wandered ,

meandered about aimlessly,

on my own,

by myself,

in the sky,

in my mind .

Then I wrote about it

in a Poetic sort of way;

writing down what I could not bring myself to say;

then, like a cloud,

I floated away.

Devilku #7 / Beastiku #7

Devilku #7 / Beastiku #7

(6,6,6 syllables)

“I thought I was evil,

then I saw what Men did

I am a pussycat.”

Lands End

Lands End

Lands End,

and seas begin.

If you are careful

you won’t fall in.

If you are foolish

or simply unlucky

you may have to be rescued

By the RNLI,

plucky souls

that risk their lives

to return safely

wayward water-people

to their husbands and wives.

The Silly Isles

The Silly Isles

I’ve never been

to the Silly Isles;

but, I think they’ve been to me.

There they are

off the coast of Cornwall,

surrounded by the sea.

You can go there

if you like;

though you’ll have to take a boat;

or helicopter, as your bicycle won’t float;

and walking could be tricky.

Perhaps I’ll stay in Cornwall

and think about Bill

or Ricky

(Billericay was just for the rhyme! – as it’s not in Cornwall). G:)