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You had Me at …!

You’re not a Vegan,

and I don’t want to hear

the excuses you have;

the way you wheedle makes me cringe;

and the carnivorous greed,

that fuels your need

sickens me to the core

of my apple.

And, what’s more,

you must surely be aware by now

that you are killing them and yourself

by eating

that pig,

that chicken,

that cow.

Plant-Based Poetry

The vegetables

sat at tables,

whilst the fruits

played their flutes;

when over,

the vegetables gave them a round of applause,

and the fruits bowed low.

The evening was a total success,

and there was very little mess –

which was nice to know.

If I said that…

If I said that…

If I said that

that was horrible,

would you be offended?

If I said that…

then I would be lying.

if I said that

that tasted bland,

would our engagement be there ended?

If I said that…

I would still be lying.

If I said that

that was quite possibly

the tastiest food

that I had ever had?

I wouldn’t be lying?

And then you bring me something else,

that you have created with your charms…

And, if I said that

that was even better

than anything I’d ever tried…

I cried…

“My tastebuds have exploded;

my head is in a spin;

how I love your Barbecue Cauliflower,

and everything you make,

Crispy Tofu for the win!”

… and, then,

the creamiest Cheezecake.

”Say Cheese!” @ILoveSayCheese @PortEliotFestival

”Say Cheese!” @ILoveSayCheese @PortEliotFestival

“Say Cheese!”

If you’re feeling hungry

at a festival;

and you need a bite to eat,

and you want what’s best of all…

look around – with your eyes,

walk around – with your feet;

and look out for the shocking yellow shack:

“Where is it?

Look! There it is!”

There’s a smiling one out front,

a hard-working crew out back;

they’ll cook you a fine Cheese Toastie,

or a delicious Cheese ‘n’ Mac.

(it really should be, a ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’, you see;

but, for a rhyme, that, creates a lack).

And it’s not cheese as you know it,

it’s one hundred percent plant-based;

so no dairy, hairy-faced lies –

and gorgeous they do taste.

And I almost thought I heard them say:

“Our ‘Cheese’ is so cool,

it could almost walk on water!”

and if they didn’t say that, then they oughta.

My Vegan Couplet (because Haikus are ‘so’ long-winded).

My Vegan Couplet (because Haikus are ‘so’ long-winded).

For plant-based food, that hits the spot,

try Kind in Looe, you’ll like what they’ve got.