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Plant-Based Poetry

The vegetables

sat at tables,

whilst the fruits

played their flutes;

when over,

the vegetables gave them a round of applause,

and the fruits bowed low.

The evening was a total success,

and there was very little mess –

which was nice to know.

If I said that…

If I said that…

If I said that

that was horrible,

would you be offended?

If I said that…

then I would be lying.

if I said that

that tasted bland,

would our engagement be there ended?

If I said that…

I would still be lying.

If I said that

that was quite possibly

the tastiest food

that I had ever had?

I wouldn’t be lying?

And then you bring me something else,

that you have created with your charms…

And, if I said that

that was even better

than anything I’d ever tried…

I cried…

“My tastebuds have exploded;

my head is in a spin;

how I love your Barbecue Cauliflower,

and everything you make,

Crispy Tofu for the win!”

… and, then,

the creamiest Cheezecake.

”Say Cheese!” @ILoveSayCheese @PortEliotFestival

”Say Cheese!” @ILoveSayCheese @PortEliotFestival

“Say Cheese!”

If you’re feeling hungry

at a festival;

and you need a bite to eat,

and you want what’s best of all…

look around – with your eyes,

walk around – with your feet;

and look out for the shocking yellow shack:

“Where is it?

Look! There it is!”

There’s a smiling one out front,

a hard-working crew out back;

they’ll cook you a fine Cheese Toastie,

or a delicious Cheese ‘n’ Mac.

(it really should be, a ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’, you see;

but, for a rhyme, that, creates a lack).

And it’s not cheese as you know it,

it’s one hundred percent plant-based;

so no dairy, hairy-faced lies –

and gorgeous they do taste.

And I almost thought I heard them say:

“Our ‘Cheese’ is so cool,

it could almost walk on water!”

and if they didn’t say that, then they oughta.

My Vegan Couplet (because Haikus are ‘so’ long-winded).

My Vegan Couplet (because Haikus are ‘so’ long-winded).

For plant-based food, that hits the spot,

try Kind in Looe, you’ll like what they’ve got.