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Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow

I have two dogs,

Pink, and Yellow;

I take them for walks in the rain;

they wear hi-visibility jackets,

so they can be seen,

is that plain?

Pink wears a yellow coat,

and Yellow wears a pink;

which is the simplest way to dress them,

well, that is what I think.

“But…” you say,

“… if Pink wore pink,

and Yellow, yellow,

wouldn’t that be better?”

“No…” I respond,

“That idea wouldn’t work,

you adle-pated fellow;

Yellow’s coat is too big for Pink,

and Pink’s is too small for Yellow.”

The Pink Mink

The Pink Mink

It was wrong of Blake Edwards to create the Pink Panther, he should have created the Pink Mink, instead; think, a mink that is positively pink.


Pink Shirt Friday in Oxford

It was not this person, but one like him (and many others as well)

It was not this person, but one like him (and many others as well)

It seems that pink shirts
Are the order of the day;
And just because you
Are wearing a pink shirt
Doesn’t make you gay;
But, wearing a pink shirt
With mustard coloured trousers
Is not
In fact I would have ‘lots’ of pink shirts
But, it’s not for me to ‘buy’ pink shirts
I’d just pop some new red socks
Into my whites wash
And hey-presto!
Pink everything!

And All That Jazz



A balloon, and you;

Filled with Helium (not you)

Pink, floating away.