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Three hungry pigeons

Three hungry pigeons,

pecking at the ground,

their hunger never satisfied,

by the scarcity they found.

The cat amongst the pigeons

“What am I doing here?” asked the cat of itself.

“You’re supposed to chase us!” said one of the fifty three pigeons. “But, we aren’t afraid of you.”

“Safety in numbers?” asked the cat.

“No, it’s not that…” said another pigeon. “it’s just that we are all just fictional beings and don’t have to conform to stereotypes.”

“So, where does that leave me?” enquired the cat, with more than a trace of nervousness in its voice.

“I think we’re going to make you our mascot.” said the first pigeon that had spoken. “Then we are going to take over Parliament and improve our lot.”

“Your ‘lot’ of what?” asked the cat, a bit confused.

“Cats…” spoke a rather large and feathery pigeon. “When put amongst the pigeons… can appear a trifle dumb if they aren’t busy chasing us.”

The other pigeons all agreed that this was the case.

Then the pigeons, with their mascot leading the way, headed towards Parliament, to stage their coup.