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An skonsen skeusen yn skon

What does it all mean?

Not just the title above,

but life itself?

A picture of a scone, soon,

might be trite –

as is much that I write –

but is it any different

from all else that will suffice

to be the stuff

that nightmares

are made on?


Please excuse my wittering

(I can witter at will)

and take this from my words:

‘If you have just received

a picture of a scone

through the post,

it has probably already arrived.’

I took the picture myself

I wrote this poem

(well, when finished

I shall have done),

and I wrote it about

the picture that I took.


Not much of a picture,

not much of a poem;

but, when combined…

still not much

to write home about.


I doubt either will win a prize,

if one did,

to the judging panel,

it would be a huge surprise.

Where did all the seagulls go?

When I took the picture

I left plenty of room

for the poem

that would accompany it.

When I took the other picture

I left plenty of room

for the seagull

that would inhabit it.

I didn’t take any more pictures,

as I’d left plenty of room

for improvement.

What’s right with this picture?

‘Here’s the Pitch’

Here’s the pitch,

which is empty now;

but, with imagination,

the game’s afoot,

Sherlock United

vs Moriarty City,

can you see all the action?

No, well, more’s the pity.

‘Half-Time Oranges’

At half-time

the teams went off

in search of oranges;

the crowd went off

in search of oranges,

the match officials went off

In search of oranges,

and, as the oranges were so good,

no one came back.

Picture This…

Picture This…

Picture this…

A magpie atop a skeletal tree;

calls a message that is far beyond me

and my ability to understand.

He, or she, then flies off;

of perching and calling

they’d had enough;

time, now, to travel on, upon airwaves so fine,

to visit a mate;

and under that moment

I draw a line.

A Picture On The Wall

‘A Picture on the Wall’ LWG prompt for 19/03/2019

A picture

is not a permanent fixture;

whether it is upon a canvas

upon a wall,

or painted directly upon a surface;

The Last Supper

will not last forever

and may be renamed

The Lost Last Supper.

Pictures painting a thousand words

are not always exactly at a thousand – at least, that is my thought upon the phrase.

‘A picture can paint a lot of words’

may, technically, be more apt –

but less apposite.