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Picture This…

Picture This…

Picture this…

A magpie atop a skeletal tree;

calls a message that is far beyond me

and my ability to understand.

He, or she, then flies off;

of perching and calling

they’d had enough;

time, now, to travel on, upon airwaves so fine,

to visit a mate;

and under that moment

I draw a line.


A Picture On The Wall

‘A Picture on the Wall’ LWG prompt for 19/03/2019

A picture

is not a permanent fixture;

whether it is upon a canvas

upon a wall,

or painted directly upon a surface;

The Last Supper

will not last forever

and may be renamed

The Lost Last Supper.

Pictures painting a thousand words

are not always exactly at a thousand – at least, that is my thought upon the phrase.

‘A picture can paint a lot of words’

may, technically, be more apt –

but less apposite.