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Too far away

You are too far away from me

for me to take a decent picture of you;

and to get you to come any closer

will cost me – you are no charity –

a chip, at the least,

preferably a feast,

if I want to get some clarity.


But, I mustn’t feed the seagulls,

the signs do tell me that,

and I take notice of the signs;

so I focus on you, distantly,

and capture you all blurred;

I’ll just have to keep on trying

to picture you, sea bird.

Where Am I? #1

Somewhere in the UK.

Somewhere in the UK.

No, I am not lost again. I saw this and thought of… taking a picture of it.

So, where is it? If you know, please tell me and I shall award you with a no-holds barred critique of one of your posts (your choice which one) just for fun really. G:)

Tweet This!

The trouble with birds is…
They won’t sit still – even for a minute
So, if I’m trying to take a photo
Of a lark or a linnet
By the time I’ve pressed the shutter down the birdies are just not in it!
“Watch the birdie!” Ha! What’s to show
From my photographs – maybe a crow
Or a pigeon will be my best shot.
I’ve taken loads of pictures – and they fly from the lot! 
Take fright; take flight;  here’s the thing

There’s not much to show when them twitterers take wing.