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Who are you?

Who are you?

Do I know you?

Have we met before?


What is it that you bring to the table?

Or do you have an agenda?


Fill your bags with freebies;

leave your courtesies at the door;

assume a manner that is less about others

and more about yourself;

take, then take again,

and give no thing in return.


Who are you?

I know so little about you;

and, yet, I know so much.

Before coffee thoughts and after coffee thoughts.

Before coffee thoughts

and after coffee thoughts

can differ somewhat.

It’s a thing.

Some people say that coffee has no effect on them whatsoever;

but, coffee seems to have an effect upon me,

and I can have an effect upon people –

not necessarily a positive one –

and so, indirectly, coffee

can effect everyone.

Two large mugs of coffee to the good,

and I have written this

(amongst other things) –


You love the sound of your own voice

You love the sound of your own voice,

I don’t want to listen, but have no choice

can you have your conversation on another day,

on one when I am far away…

from you.

Behind the Scones

A lot of work goes on

behind the scones;

I mean, there are a lot of awful people –

sorry, an awful lot of awful people –

oops! What I really meant to write was,

An awful lot of people

(some awful, some not so much)

behind the scones –

the editor of this text being one of them.

On a Saturday Morning

People walking,

people cycling,

people walking dogs –

no dogs cycling;

people driving,

delivering, thriving


people taking the air

here, there, everywhere;

it’s cool, it’s cold,

some young, some old

some in between –

if you know what I mean;

breeze is fresh upon my face,

I have to set an eager pace,

to warm my soul,

keep my body whole.

See the Church

See the church,

see the steeple;

see the chip shop,

see the people.

St. Op. (St. Optimus).

St. Op

St. Op, or St. Optimus, to be correct, is (and was) a little known village a few miles to the North-West of South-East Cornwall; or it may be a few miles to the South-East of North-West Cornwall (one of the two… possibly – other locations are available) and has been little known for over a thousand… years. Not mentioned in the Domesday Book, not Brett’s Peerage, Whittaker’s Almanac, any Copy of the Beano, Dandy or Bunty; St. Op boasts of no famous, curious, or interesting landmarks at all. To be truthful, people have passed through, by, and nowhere near to St. Op without even realising it was there – or caring.

St. Op does, however, have a steadily declining population, estimated at 71 in 1971 and 20 in 2020, although there was a drastic dearth of souls to be counted in the year 2000, but we think that the whole pop. of St. Op may have caught the deadly Millennium Bug, and been cocooned in a nearby hospital (53 miles away) in Truro… or Penzance, or not – whichever answer is likeliest.

Find St. Op on your Ordnance Survey map today, and you will be extremely lucky.

The Race

The Race

People like you.

No, really, people like you…

are hard to fathom.

six feet.



And different;

not the same;


more unique (if there was such a state of being);

one in a million (or seven and a half billion and counting)

amounting to all that you are.

A star…

ting pistol goes off and we watch the human race

from afar,

or near,

depending upon the weather

and whether

we are here

or there.

Take care.

In the Out @Morrisons

In the Out @Morrisons

In the Out @Morrisons

In the out,

in the out,

you’re coming in the out;

there isn’t a single doubt

that you’re coming in the out.

And you’ll probably go

out the in

when you’ve been in

and seek to travel out.