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Ode to my Pen

Oh, pen!

Says who?

Says me,

that’s who!

No pen,

so touch-typed

upon my phone.

My pen is

out of ink

and, I think,

worse the wear

for its lack of drink.

Oh, pen!

says me,

once again.

A Pen And A Piece Of Paper

A Pen And A Piece Of Paper

If I had a pen and a piece of paper…

what would I write?

Perhaps I’d write about the weather;

the sun, the moon, the rain;

perhaps I’d write of how I feel,

when I start to hurt again;

or maybe I would lose myself

in writing a futuristic tale,

where all around were marvels

and a hero couldn’t fail;

or I may just write a short poem,

a few short words in a rhyme,

with cats on mats and the stats of rats –

that are ten feet away from you,

one hundred percent of the time.

If I had a pen and a piece of paper…

My Pen Sieve Look

My Pen Sieve Look


pen sieve


is thoughtful,



Smaller things will fall through the gaps,


but, all my pens

will be restrained.

Ode to a Pen (is this an…)

A pen

A pen

Ode to a pen

Oh, Pen
All hours you await my grip
And your ink
Is there for my words
Your life’s blood
Which you shed for the portrayal of my thoughts
Your every drop of essence
I put there upon the page of my creative output.

Oh, Pen
Without you…
I would seek another…
There is no fidelity in penmanship
And though I desire you when you are near
If you should splutter
Or run dry
Or incur a scratchy nib
Then I
The most malodorous of owners and users
Become a betrayer
To our trust

Oh, Pen
Up your heart
To see that this is how it is
Am I trite
To choose another
Implement to write

Oh, Pen
With out you
There is only one course of action
For a pen is for but a season
Is that unreasonable
To you?

Oh, Pen
Is this poem that I have writ
A barely concealed euphemism
With such imagery within it
That your essence is not of ink, but..

Pen Included


Pen included
Pun intended
Pin invalidated
Pan unviolated
Pon unverifiable

Nip unavoidable
Nap unobtainable
Nep undeniable
Nup intractable
Nop indicated

Which just goes to prove
Nothing about something
Which is just as well
I can tell you.

Ode to a Pen


    Ode to a pen

“Oh, pen!”
Says, me.
My ‘pen’ does ‘not’ reply.
Perhaps, I think,
A lack of ink
“A dry throat?”
But, on the page:
” ” I wrote.
Quick! A drink
For my pen…
That should do the trick.
Fill her up!
Unleaded, of course!
She’s ‘no’ pencil!
Black for official writing;
Blue for a less harsh scribe
And definitely ‘not’ a pastel!
No matter ‘how’ inviting
You think the shades are
My pen will not imbibe
Of the fluorescent either
She is a discerning writing instrument;
Learning all my words…