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The Giraffe Tea Party🦒

The Giraffe Tea Party🦒

The day of the giraffe tea party had finally arrived, and all the giraffes were gathered in the Village Hall; the veritably hardened of the drinkers had gathered in the corner by the larger urns, and they were necking down hot lapsang souchong by the bucketful.


“A Party?!”

“A Party?!

We were thinking of holding a ‘Partly Poetry Party’,

food and drink a-plenty;

rhyming conversation hearty;

maybe ten or twenty

guests would be enough;

but then we decided that poetry is not everybody’s cup of tea, and so we held a ‘Partly Prose Party’ instead –

it was hilarious, all the various people that did attend –

until it came to a premature end;

if only we had provided enough words to go around.

Pasty Party

Pasty Party

They held a Pasty Party,

but nobody came;

the flyers said ‘Party Party,

which really isn’t the same.