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The Parrot and the Cat

Parrot and Cat

sat still upon the mat,

that they ‘had’ been told to stay on ;

Parrot had grumbled about it,

Cat had just relaxed,

‘It is what it is.’ said the Cat,

and nonchalantly taxed herself not a bit.

The Parrot went over all the things he would say,

when released from the confines, they were;

he’d many a fine word,

that at odd times he had heard,

that would embarrass a mangy old cur.


However, Cat was soft,

and began to purr,

so Parrot lay down beside her;

and, soon, they were softly snoring,

happily, a thing upon which the both of them could concur.

A Parrot Called Shakespeare

A parrot called Shakespeare

fell off of his perch,

and started to act all peculiar:

‘Once more!’ he did squawk.

‘Out, damned spot! Out, I say!’

Spot was the dog, a small Dachshund,

‘Out, out, Brief Candle!’

Brief Candle, the cat, left the room.

‘When shall we three meet again?’

but Spot and Brief Candle

were not there to answer;

‘The handle toward my hand!’

Shakespeare broke into breakdance;

but that parrot was no kind of dancer.


The vet was called


and she finally decided

that there was trouble at the millet.


And on that pun

I shall leave here

at a pace

that will be considered

on the run.