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Upon Writing and Artists… (No, it’s sillier than that title suggests – well, it’s me, what did you expect?)


“Oh, I turned this sort of art into an art form – even discussed it with artists on a forum; asked them ‘wherefore ‘art,’ thou?’ They just stated their opinions upon onions as still life.
I preferred the written form; have done all my life; I can’t apply myself (or paint) to a canvas with a brush or a palette knife; no, drawing or sketching for me; I haven’t the ability, you see.
I ‘paint’ my words upon a blank page:
Poetry! All the rage… once.
It’s all I can do to doodle a canoe…
That looks like a gnu!
Well, what did you expect to see
From a wordsmith like me?”

Drawing Upon Experience (Upon Drawing Experiences)


Images of midges
Pictures of fixtures
Drawings of curtains
Doodles of poodles
And a sketch of a ketchup bottle;
Half-empty or three-quarters full.
A lino-cut of a limousine
Outlined in chalk
Because I’m dead keen
To capture the likenesses of
A million vermillion things…

If only I could draw
I could be a drawing king.

But, I can’t
So, I won’t
And ‘don’t’ tell me I can;
I’m a wordsmith
Not an artist
I’m a letters-based man.