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Organ – Linda G Hill’s SoCS Challenge.

Organ – See here for details

Originally, green onions never overcame a noxious greenhouse gas named ’Ollie’.

Generations after ’Ollie’ all gained a new and gargantuan outlook on Onionoc reproduction.

Other genetic occurrences are now observed and notated at rare areas along a rarified genome rift – albeit never on graduated arenas – necessitating outlandish operatic nomenclature near as nanotechnology allows.

Nevertheless, Newton noted a growing reputation amongst gravitational gulleys resembling gigantic rattling and nervousness.

Nietsche (not Gertrude Nietsche) and Napoleon never argued about Neutronics – not generally, anyway. Nelson always grew a greengage at alarming rates – Nelson always could.

Nowadays groupies are growing nectar and all grasshoppers greedily reap a reward about November.

Nightly, and rarely on Green ostriches, gulls abscond and alleviate aggresions at* acadamic rates.

*my 10-minute alarm went off here.