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There are far too few rhymes

There are far too few rhymes

about lemons and limes,

and the other citrus fruits;

but, when it comes to oranges—

Clementines are fine;

Kumquats, I use lots,

Tangerines, give ways and means,

but, oranges—

Mandarins, I’ve had some wins,

Satsumas, pass on their rumours,

Grapefruit and Pomelo,

fine and yellow,

Yuzu, Rangpur, Amanatsu,

the Tangelo is a funny fellow;

but, oranges—

Oranges are not the only fruit (that doesn’t rhyme)


I juggled some oranges

Outside of Gorringes

In Lewes, near Brighton, one day

They said “What are you doing?

We thought you were queuing

to look at the lots, here today.”

I said, “It’s high time

The orange had a rhyme

And your auction house so fits the bill

So, I’m juggling fruit

In my very best suit

They said no one could do it –

But, I will!