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I had an ‘oops!’ moment.

I had an ‘oops!’ moment.

I was in Russia

and I needed a pee

I should have been in Prussia

silly me.


My Broken Phone Screen (a Tanka)

My Broken Phone Screen (a Tanka)

The coldest day yet,

and my phone screen has just cracked –

my timid fingers

fear of the glass splinters there

that do seek retribution.

Big News from CERN Today!


Oops! Sorry. Wrong Cern.

Apologies from the depths of my mind (where empty echoes are the nature of things)

A poem upon Dark Matter

Does dark matter really matter?
Does it make you go as mad as a hatter?
Does it?
Can we see it?
No we can’t!
Is it there?
They say it is.
I asked my question again:
Is it there?

They said: “We look for undetectable objects; when we find them then we know that we are on the right track. Consider the Billiard-Ball Theory.”

I did, and the lack of understanding
upon my face was quite demanding in its obviousness.

I had a guess.

And missed by a Sunday Mile (which is the same distance as a Wednesday Mile, but seems longer).

Does it matter?

I’m still in the dark.


Rush Words (rashly spoken)

Let's not be hasty...

Let’s not be hasty…

Everybody says “Less is more.”
(Well, more or less everybody says it.)
I say: “The moral is in the lesson.”
And then wish that I hadn’t.