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Too close to bunions

to foot the bell

(or fit the bill)

with banana skin

and onion peel


bananas none too ripe,

onions are great,

ignore the hype;

and cook with skill

in a skillet, until…

… ready;

then eat

with a friend named Freddie –

what a treat!

NB don’t eat Freddie, it’s not that Vegan –

ask our mentor, Peter Egan.

Upon Onions

Unwittingly, I had, unknowingly, unearthed… the unique opinions of onions.

Many-layered, and liable to bring tears to the eyes of even the hardest of heads.

I was under-whelmed (and over-charged) when I had bought them – but, now, I knew that their contribution to all things was invaluable (and valuable, too).

Onions – I will never look at them in the same way ever again.

Though I still can’t look a potato in the eye.