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I’m All (Too Old) For T-shirts

I’m too old

for T-shirts.

It hurts me

to say it,

but I don’t want

to look like a hypocrite

or sound like one, too;

but, I am,

and there’s not a lot

that I can do

about the fact.

So, please show tact

when you laugh at my slogan,

and the size of my paunch;

launch into laughter

if you must,

but I’m getting the feeling

that my T-shirt days

are bust.

Cold – Acrostic (which limits it to four lines – huzzah!)

Creaking bones seek warmer climes;

Old frame, ancient limbs, undonated organs;

‘Latent heat’ is a term I hear,

Delayed, I fear; perhaps it will be too latent for me.