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Little Tommy Crankshaft and Suzy Socket-Set.

Little Tommy Crankshaft and Suzy Socket-Set.

Little Tommy Crankshaft sang for his supper;

but, he didn’t sing all that well

and just had bread and butter.

His sister Suzy Socket-Set, she had an angel’s voice –

she found it in the street one day,

and really had no choice

but to pick it up and try it out –

it fitted her quite nicely –

and now she sings

and her singing brings

forth all the rats and mice

leaving none in the houses at all.

So, she led them away

for a year and a day

and they were seen no more.

My Five-Pound Note

My Five-Pound Note (a jaunty rhyme with a sad(ish) ending).

Once I found a five-pound note

upon that note a note I wrote

I wrote a note about a stoat

Upon that five-pound note.

I spent that note

and bought some bread

that I would toast

I’d toast the bread;

some coffee beans

that I would roast;

I would roast the beans;

the toast was eaten,

the coffee was drunk,

and my five-pound note was all but shrunk,

I had no more than a penny left

Of my five-pound note

I felt bereft.

Nursery Rhyme Time 1

A Scottish Black Bee

A Scottish Black Bee

“Buzz buzz, Black Bee
Have you lost your stripes?”
“No, sir; not me
Those bees are different types;

One courts disaster
When you’ve go-faster bands
One is so much safer
If you’re a ninja fan.”