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Nerdle and Bardle

Numbers and Shakespeare,

what’s not to like?

It all adds up

to a mindful conclusion;

Ariel from The Tempest,

and Arden from the Sum of the Dream,

both seem a part of the whole,

a Bard of the Soul,

a solution of worth,

Labours Lost in such mirth,

and All’s Well

That Ends…


‘A numb3r5 p03m’

Three is a Magic number;

four is one more than three;

five is two more than three, and one more than four;

five and four— I’m sorry, this has become something of a numbers thing; and, if you’re not really into numbers, or poetry, then this probably isn’t ‘your’ thing…

anyway, for those of you that like 4002÷7 (which, incidentally, is still quite a large number)

I shall continue…

five and four make nine,

most of the time; but, possibly not

in a nonsense rhyme.

Six minus seven makes toffee.

Where are the negative numbers when you need them?


… a three walks into Bar 15 five times.

You can always count on words written whilst floating down the Ganges.

Floating down the Ganges

counting my phalanges,

because if I ever need to

count to more than twenty

it’s what I have to do

because of my ‘phalanges’

I surely do have plenty.

Plumbers and Numbers.

Plumbers and Numbers.


are not very good with numbers;

when they tot up the bill

sum things just don’t add up;

still, they try; and fail,

and sirens wail

from Hull to hill

from hill to Hull, and in many seaside counties

whose days are numbered in ones and twos

plumbers resort to booze;

Lead piping astray by the solution

to the problem that has no answer;

questioning the aforementioned bill of boiler service, he pipes up: ‘Life’s a gas, man!’

and drives off in his white divan.

(Poem 8 – Numbers) 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 8 – 07:00 16-05-2017

Seven is a licky number

Eight is a lucky one

One is also a number

As a large number

Of numbers are.
You can always count on a number

But, after a while

Counting affects your senses

And number will you become

They will encumber

Your every moment


The numberness

Stands still.



It’s time to SHOCK!

By saying




and liable to


you for SIX!


Numbers are, in fact,

A numerical Heaven.