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Dans Londres

When in Londres

do as the Londresians do…

or don’t,

it’s up to you.

It seems a far cry from Cornwall,

and, actually, it is;

many hours of modern travel,

(a week, in old travel money)

and what do we get when we arrive…?

well, the urge to depart

back to the South-West,

from whence we have come.

A Trip Beyond The Tamar.

A Trip Beyond The Tamar.

This isn’t Cornwall

This isn’t home

And all the roads don’t lead to Rome

They lead to Penzance, and Bodmin Town

But, this isn’t Cornwall

which is prob’ly why I’m down

This isn’t Cornwall

Oh, hey, no way,

This isn’t Cornwall

I have to say

I just hope

that we don’t have to stay.

They call it ‘ampshire

Oo aarr oo ay,

This isn’t Cornwall

And so I say:

“Are we going back today?”