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My monosyllabic haiku

In seventeen short words,

I can say that my monosyllabic haiku

is not a thing that exists.

This is not a Haiku

This is not a Haiku.


Because I don’t write those;

they are far too fiddly,

what with their syllable count

and line length;

I’ll stick to Free Verse,

where I can just roam

like a butterfly in Spring

visiting flowers.

When a Haiku a Poem is Not.


Today is just a Friday,

even though I thought it was a Saturday;

how could I get it ‘so’ wrong?

When a Haiku Needs Work.

Three lines, not five;

and the correct number of those syllable things,

that should do it.

When a Haiku Goes Feral.

No more the calm ones,

with all words carefully placed –

Haiku in the wild

should never be approached –

lest they become fierce in their haste.

This is not a Haiku

This is not a Haiku;

it has too many syllables,

and doesn’t rhyme at all;

then there is the matter of the long fourth line,

and the short fifth.

This is not a Haiku;

and anybody who says it is…

… see above.

Not a Haiku

This is not a Haiku,

even though it does have

the word Haiku in its title,

and also in lines 1, 3,

8, and 9;

but, surely, you can see,

by its structure

that it is not a Haiku.

A Haiku is short –

much shorter than this poem –

and has fewer lines.

Two thirds of a Hai / ku, could that be a Diku?

With just a first line

and a second, but no third.

I am ‘no’ Haiku

I am ‘no’ Haiku

I am no Haiku;

I might look like one,

but I assure you, I’m not.

My Vegan Couplet (because Haikus are ‘so’ long-winded).

My Vegan Couplet (because Haikus are ‘so’ long-winded).

For plant-based food, that hits the spot,

try Kind in Looe, you’ll like what they’ve got.