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Not a conventional Haiku

This is not a conventional Haiku,

as you can tell by the line length,

the syllable count,

and the number of lines involved.

In fact, it has no recognisable form.

and it doesn’t even rhyme.

It might not catch on,

but it’s good to buck the poetic system

once in a while.

When is a Haiku not a Haiku?

When is a Haiku

not a Haiku?

Well, now, for example.

It started off like one,

then descended into nonsense,

And it’s not a Tanka either.

What about a Monday Haiku?

What about a Monday Haiku?

It’s Early in the week,

so shouldn’t we all seek

a Haiku for the day…

but, maybe it would be better

if we just gave it a miss this time.

This is not a Haiku

This is not a love song

This is not a love song

This is not a Haiku –

Hash tag just saying.

My monosyllabic haiku

In seventeen short words,

I can say that my monosyllabic haiku

is not a thing that exists.

This is not a Haiku

This is not a Haiku.


Because I don’t write those;

they are far too fiddly,

what with their syllable count

and line length;

I’ll stick to Free Verse,

where I can just roam

like a butterfly in Spring

visiting flowers.

When a Haiku a Poem is Not.


Today is just a Friday,

even though I thought it was a Saturday;

how could I get it ‘so’ wrong?

When a Haiku Needs Work.

Three lines, not five;

and the correct number of those syllable things,

that should do it.

When a Haiku Goes Feral.

No more the calm ones,

with all words carefully placed –

Haiku in the wild

should never be approached –

lest they become fierce in their haste.

This is not a Haiku

This is not a Haiku;

it has too many syllables,

and doesn’t rhyme at all;

then there is the matter of the long fourth line,

and the short fifth.

This is not a Haiku;

and anybody who says it is…

… see above.

Not a Haiku

This is not a Haiku,

even though it does have

the word Haiku in its title,

and also in lines 1, 3,

8, and 9;

but, surely, you can see,

by its structure

that it is not a Haiku.

A Haiku is short –

much shorter than this poem –

and has fewer lines.