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What would life be without poetry?

What would life be

without poetry?

Would it be better or worse

if it lacked such cool verse?

Would the days seem to drag

with no poetry swag?

Would the poetical profession

survive the digression

of rhythm and rhyme

disappearing in time;

and would all the things we read be just prose, when poetry was dead?

How boring that would be, don’t you think?

Like a frozen-screen television,stuck immobile, on the blink; giving nobody clarity of purpose and mind; keeping similes and metaphors hidden. How unkind.


It’s #NationalNoPoetryDay today,

so don’t, under any circumstances,

write anything that rhymes.

You would be advised

to wait until tomorrow

when, once again,

it will be safe

to write verses many.

Please, abide by the rules, do,

and, poetry, do not write any.

Thank you.

I Don’t Want To Be A Poet Anymore!


I don’t want to be a poet anymore!
I wonder if there is a cure
I’m fed up with rhyming my words
So, would you mind if I didn’t
From now on?

It does your head in
This poetry lark
I’d rather go for a walk
By the sea.

And write simple, straightforward sentences
All bereft of rhythm and rhyme
I don’t ‘have’ to do it
And if I don’t no-one will consider it…

I will stop all the twisting and turning
Just to get matching words-

Poetry, I am spurning;
I won’t miss it
One little bit
I’m happy just to let it go;
And, so as you know,
I’m not about to say ‘Hello!’
And let it back;
There is one thing that is for sure
I don’t do no poetry no never no more!