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A few wise words (but, not these ones).

A few wise words (but, not these ones).

The complete absence of anything,

leaves nothing as your only choice.

So, choose carefully, lest your voice be heard.

And, to begin, a final word:

throw Causton to the wind,

if you’ve a mind,

find a place where you can unwind,

and tread carefully

when you have read in Caerphilly.


I do it (My Way).

I do it (My Way).

My landlady

landed yesterday

she’s been flying around for weeks;

She had just popped to the shop

Flew in, flew out,

but just didn’t know when to stop.

Oh, what a beautiful landing,

my landlady cleaned it today;

I’ve got a wonderful feeling,

Everyone’s singing ‘My Way’.

Beyond the Haiku

Beyond the Haiku

Five, seven, five;

equalling twenty-one syllables, three lines – not necessarily a Haiku.

Then again, adding two further lines,

doesn’t automatically make it a Tanka.

What is it with these poetry forms?

The sonorous strictures of structure?

The winnowing, whistling whisper of onomatopoeia?

The chimes of rhymes internalised in line,

coupled as a couplet particularly fine?


What is this wine without sobriety?

Or the notoriety of infamy’s variety?

And so on…

Silly Nonsense!

Silly Nonsense!

I signed up for a ninety-nine year lease

on a two-up, three down flock of geese;

now I am waiting for my commitment to cease,

as there has been an Oriental increase.

“There’s a lot of it about!”

“There’s a lot of it about!”

Out is not


and In

is not Out.

Be aware, of this viewpoint;

for there are dissenters about ,

who swear that the difference between Black and White

is a Grey area…

that Left is Right –

when seen from an opposing direction;

and nothing can become something –

as in when you add words to a blank page…

like in this case.

Starch Art

Starch Art

What is this Starch Art that I hear of?

How does that work?

I thought that Starch was just for stiffening stuff;

and I haven’t seen any Starch Art in the galleries that I haven’t frequently frequented.

Perhaps it’s very minimalist,

or just not that good.

Maybe it’s a new thing

that hasn’t been about that long.

Who knows?

I don’t – and I’m a Leo.

The Zing in May

The Zing in May

The Zing

in May

is a wonderful thing;

quite literally

it is

a May Zing!