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Yesterday, I saw a unicorn;

today, I saw an antelope –

well, obviously, there were two ants,

and I’m just assuming

that they were eloping;

but, you know me.

Oh my gosh, it was beyond belief, today, I was hit on the head, by a great big leaf!

Well, the title says it all,

so I don’t have to pen a tale so tall;

and when you shout, ‘What?’

I answer the call,

because, in my dictionary

‘Pride’ comes before ‘Fall’.

It’s not a very good dictionary,

actually, it’s fictionary.

The Beach Route

In my purple prose

I have rarely written about ‘Beetroot’,

maybe this is because I am not a big fan;

or any type of fan,

I am just a mortal man – just –

and, thinking a k to where it all began,

gives me a headache,

and so I won’t.

Don’t laugh, be serious a moment,

and turn that corner when you come to it –

unless you are reading a real book,

when you should use a bookmark.

Hark’ No, it was just nothing,

or the sound of one hand slow-clapping.

I never know the difference,

hence, it is all the same to me.

Take the easy path,


take the beach route

and be true to yourself.

Dancing on Rice

I’ve recently starred

in Dancing on Rice;

it was unintentional,

and surprisingly nice;

my tap shoes in the sink,

I began to think,

that Rice wine is fine,

even divine –

if you like that sort of thing;

and howling at the Moon

is just wolves trying to sing.


Isn’t it Iconic?

Don’t you think?

“What? A drink?

A name?

Seeing the shrink-wrap man blink?”

No, it’s none of those,

and more.


the title promises more

than it delivers;

and that tends to send shivers

down the spine of my book.

Today’s Poem


I have to write another one?!

I write one yesterday—

and the day before that!

This is supposed to be fun,


And, now, am I becoming

the interrobang king?!

That’s three so far,

and that seems peculiar

when I, normally,

don’t use them at all.

By the way,

in my dictionary,

pride comes after a fall.

Stick that observation in you pipe

and smoke it?!”

Seven days of seven Haiku a day – Day 3

I almost forgot!

I’ve seven Haiku to write

and it’s almost two.


Of the Clock I mean,

in the afternoon, lunchtime –

if lunch is had late.


What a state I’m in;

without a single idea

of what I’m to write.


I’d hate to fail now,

on the third day of seven

having just started.


Better make a start,

then I can catch up later,

before midnight comes.


But, on what subject?

Telekinesis? Maybe…

but ‘probably’ not.


I know, it’s simple,

I’ll write some quick Senryu

about fluffy ducks.


If I haven’t got …

If I haven’t got

a poem

upon the subject in hand,

I hope you’ll understand

if I give you a poem

upon an entirely differing subject altogether.


Rather than tails of black cats,

chasing butterflies, bees, and belfry bats,

my poem could be about the presence of ghosts,

the absence of Dodos,

or the burnings of toasts

that I had known.

But, you can be sure,

that the poem’s mine own,

for whom so else

would write such tosh?

It has to be me,

with my pigs will slosh.


Never before

have I written a poem

with the title, ‘Cherish’,

neither have I written

upon that subject.

Until today,

when I wrote this,

whilst sat upon something

that could be said to be


The Terror of a Dactyl

The terror of a Dactyl,

as it comes flying towards you,

is all yours, not theirs;

the hairs may stand up

on the back of your neck,

but a Dactyl just sees a meal

standing there, frozen,

but without the need to defrost it

before consuming –

best by—

e bye!