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Nings 2


There will always be a Ning land

Where all the Nings can live

For a Ning is such a sociable thing

And its friendship it loves to give.
The Nings all sing and laugh with joy

They are such a happy lot

And as they are neither girl nor boy

They are blessed with what they’ve got.

The Ning!


The Ning – 11-10-2015

I saw a ‘Ning’
The other day
Upon the moor
It was a moor Ning
‘Haha!’ I hear you say
But, that may be just my imagination
Gone astray.

In some other reality
Some other universe
Where, when it comes to poetry
The worse the verse the better
Which is quite perverse
Or, even, just the ‘reverse’
Of here.
There, there may be some hope for me
(Do you see?)
A parallel dimension
Where I could be the king
Of their poetry thing –
Now wouldn’t that be nice…
Sorry? You’re going to buy me a one-way ticket there… whatever the price!