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(Poem 2) – 25 Poems in 24 Hours

Poem 2 – 01:00 16-05-2017

In the early hours

When light is limited;

And Dawn’s chorus

Is but a distant treat;

The stillness and the silences

Are a mood to savour

And favour those about

To end the previous

Or begin the following days.
Footfall is amplified 

As breath silkily whispers

To the night:

‘I am here.”

Visiting the Land of Nodd (I wish I was)


The distant sound of traffic on the A35 accompanies me as I seek the land of Nodd; and, though I seek in vain, I know that I am not alone in this quest. Many souls lay awake and contemplate the world passing by outside of their little peace of haven.
A chill has risen that is so at odds with the heat of the daylight hours that it seems unreal; just a memoir of a cool spring that was, or an autumn that is yet to arrive.
Soon, I shall strive to regain the dream state that is eluding me. Soon, I hope, my date with far off combustion engines will be over and we can bid each other “G’night!” before we have to greet each other with the “Mornin'” that signals another battle lost, another restless, restive night that brought little in the way of rest.

At the end of a busy, busy day

This 'is' the image G:)

This ‘is’ the image G:)

When the lids of my eyes
Struggle to stay aloft
When my enthusiasm has diminished
To the ‘least likely to do a thing’ stage
When I’m feeling my actual age
When the day has a way to go
And my body thinks it’s finished
When instead of speech I produce sighs
And when I was going to say something important
And just coughed
I knew my daze
Was numbered
1 sheep
2 sheep