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#Moogly and #Dinkly – A Creative Word Thing

#Moogly and #Dinkly – A Creative Word Thing

Moogly: the feeling a cow gets when it is considering the intentions of a human’s presence. “That cow was looking proper moogly at me, today. #Moogly

Dinkly: A small doodled drawing of no discernible thing. “All he came up with were a few dinkly doodles in the margin of the page.” #Dinkly



‘Pandrinity: The ability to create new words and not know what they mean.’

I have that ability.

I am Pandrinitious.

I think.

I do not know what I know not.

However, ‘pandrinity’ may soon pop up as an actual thing when you pop it into a search engine, or a toaster!

I jest.


Pandrinity: a new board game from Harsbro (other board game manufacturers of a similar spelling are also available).