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Ziky – a new word. #Ziky.

Ziky – a new word #Ziky

Ziky is not a word.

Unless I make it so.

It has to have a meaning,

so people, then, will know

what a ‘Ziky’ is,

or what a ‘Ziky’ does;

whether it is a verb, a noun,

or an adjective, because

that is important,

when learning a word –

if you didn’t have a reference for it

it could just seem absurd.

Ziky is the feeling you get

when your opponent at a word-game

places Qat for a million points –

and you have an ‘o’ and an ‘i’.

Up until that moment you had been leading by a few –

by luck more than judgment

I’ll admit it’s how I do.

And now I am feeling Ziky.


The Wormalu #Wormalu

What is a Wormalu?

What is it worth?

Is it something to do

with an inhabitant of the earth?

Is it a poetry form

recently created?

Or is it just a word

that seeks to be instated

within the pages of a dictionary

just after worm

and just before wormed

into which space

it will comfortably have squirmed.

What is a Wormalu?

Answer me, please?

Though I do have an inkling

it’s a new type of cheese.

Whatever happened to Pandrinity?

A question that I hope will not be asked for a long, long time.

New words need a little time to find their feet and metre.

Pandrinity is a new new word and, after a pain-free birth, mother and child are both doing well.

Google (or otherwise) Pandrinity now and see it already has a grip on the world.

Better still, write a piece about Pandrinity and become one of the few that are in the know.